2012 Lumia takes a jab at 2014 iPhone

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Nokia Nigeria went trolling last night with this comparison of the features that have been available on Windows Phone since 2012 against what is available on iPhone now in 2014:
Lumia versus iPhone 2014

Source: @NokiaNigeria

Your comments?

  1. Isn’t this stale already? I was thinking I would see more originality. For most part of it, this is startling because I believe Nokia’s presence in Nigeria is way stronger for Apple to be seen as a threat (my opinion). So I am surprised why Nokia is taking jabs at iPhones when their presence is very low or non existent. I feel they would have faced Android instead. Now this could be that iPhone market is gradually eating into Nokia’s or they are just paranoid.
    Anyway, many users, me inclusive, have come to realise that when it comes to phones, its not just about specifications but also implementation…That will be dealt with smoother time. However, something told me I would find an ‘intentional error’ here. iCloud backup was introduced on the iPhone since 2011 (iOS 5) but somehow, the almighty Nokia Nigeria did not know that because they are more interested in slander. They deliberately left out the 6+ because they know it had optical image stabilisation.

  2. See. Me I have been a long time fan of calling for the diversification of the Nigerian mobile operating environment. Can you imagine a situation whereby everybody is using Android. Just imagine what would happen if Google should wake up one morning and decide to shut down android. The whole world would come crashing down.

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