2017 Electric Vehicle Sales: Tesla barely made the top 5

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Only 1.2 million electric vehicles were sold around the world in 1017, and Tesla was not the auto maker at the top of the list. Renault-Nissan sits at the top of the 2017 Electric Vehicle Sales.

Horace Dediu tracks the sales of electric vehicles worldwide, and has come up with a list of the 2017 electric vehicle sales by manufacturer. Here is the list:

2017 Electric Vehicle Sales By Manufacturer

  1. Renault-Nissan
  2. BYD Group
  3. BAIC
  4. Geely
  5. Tesla
  6. BMW
  7. Volkswagen
  8. SAIC
  9. General Motors
  10. Toyota
  11. Hyundai-Kia
  12. Daimler
  13. Other manufacturers

Chinese auto brands have a strong showing in electric vehicles, it appears. At least four (4) of them appear between the first and 9th positions. Impressive.

As you can see, Tesla took the 5th place, barely just making it into the top five (5) spots with about 8% of global sales. While the company is featured in the media more prominently, at least Renault-Nissan, BYD, BAIC and Geely sell more.

Here is what the picture looks like in a pie chart:

The list is based on sales of plug-in cars from around the world. With only 1,224,103 such vehicles sold last year, electric cars still have serious ground to cover before they become mainstream.

Horace shared this information on his Twitter handle:

2018 promises to be a more exciting year in the world of auto-mobiles as electric vehicles continue their forward march to world domination. It will hopefully be a greener year.

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