On the 2017 Top 10 Smartphones list, Apple loses share, BBK is on the rise, Gionee makes the spotlight for the first time, and Samsung smartphones are still kings of the hill.

2017 Top 10 Smartphones chart: See who makes the cut

On the 2017 top 10 smartphones list, Apple loses share, BBK is on the rise, Gionee makes the spotlight for the first time, and Samsung smartphones are still kings of the hill.


Samsung we know. Apple we know. Gionee we know. Who is BBK? BBK Electronics is the parent company for Oppo, Vivo, OnePlus and Imoo. Apple has dropped from number 2 spot to number 3 spot. Gionee makes the list for the first time.

2017 Top 10 Smartphones


2017 Top 10 Smartphones (Global)

1. Samsung: 317M = 21%
2. BBK (Oppo, Vivo, Oneplus): 225M = 15%
3. Apple: 216M = 14%
4. Huawei: 153M = 10%
5. Xiaomi: 93M = 6%
6. ZTE/Nubia: 61M = 4%
7. LG: 55M = 4%
8. Lenovo/Motorola: 49M = 3%
9. Gionee: 39M = 3%
10. TCL/Alcatel/Blackberry/Palm: 25M = 2%
Total smartphones: 1.5 billion

From the statistics provided by Tomi Ahonen Consulting, Apple sales “were flat in a year that was flat. Out of the Top 5, all other 4 manufacturers GREW their sales – Samsung by 3%, BBK by 29%, Huawei by 10% and Xiaomi by 70%. Don’t fall into the silly trap to think, that Apple is somehow ‘doing fine’. It is LOSING the battle.”


The report delves deeper into the details and you can read it up HERE.

Also, it is interesting that Gionee finally breaks into the top 10 list. A well deserved one, as the brand has pushed hard over the years.

2017 Top 3 Smartphones (Africa)

In Africa, the story is different. Here, Transsion smartphones overtook Samsung for the first time.

transsion overtook samsung in africa 2017

1. Transsion – 28%
2. Samsung – 27%
3. Huawei – 7%
Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Mobile Phone Tracker

Of course, individually, none of the Transsion brands beats Samsung Mobile on the continent.

IDC also reported that the market share of feature phones in Africa rose to 61% in 2017 from 55.4% in 2016, while market share for smartphones fell to 39% from 44.6%.

Smartphone OS Market Share

Android OS in all its shades has 85.4% of the global smartphone market. Apple’s iOS has the rest.

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  1. So Apple is now in number 3, BBK has taken over it’s number 2 position. I know that was in 2017, what about now? Is the story still remain the same?

  2. I have always wondered what the Apple hype was about.

    Apple users in Africa buy Apple products to earn bragging rights i.e for superficial reasons.

    Though Sammie flagship are costly too, but the mid range products i.e the Galaxy A, C, and j series makes It worthwhile to buy Samsung gadgets.

    Added with the wide range of apps the Android IS offers and the ability to tweak and manipulate the Androd experience for power users is second to none.

    Apple is inflexible, rigid and a slay queens delight… Lol.

    Ginoee, kudos!. I see u

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