Windows 10 Mobile, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, has been pronounced dead year after year. It turns out that 2017 is the year we…

2017 was the year we waved Windows Phone goodbye

Windows 10 Mobile, the latest iteration of Microsoft’s mobile operating system, has been pronounced dead year after year. It turns out that 2017 is the year we waved Windows Phone goodbye, as Microsoft halted active development of the platform and just new two phones shipped. It is safe to say that the Windows Phone ship has sailed away with 2017.


Alcatel Idol 4 Pro - waving windows phone goodbye

The journey of Windows Phone started in 2000 when it was first called “PocketPC”, then was renamed “Windows Mobile” in 2003, and then “Windows Phone” seven years later in 2010, and finally Windows 10 Mobile in 2015. What a roller-coaster of names.


Despite Microsoft pumping in cash at every turn, Windows Phone and then Windows 10 Mobile did not gain appreciable marketshare. The company acquired Nokia’s mobile division in a bid to keep the platform alive, but even that failed to shore up Windows’ share of the mobile market.

2017 Windows Phone Devices

In 2017 only two new devices were launched running Windows 10 Mobile. They are:

  1. Alcatel IDOL 4 Pro – Launched in August 2017 (it is a replica of the IDOL 4S with Windows 10 which was launched in November 2016)
  2. Wileyfox Pro – Launched in December 2017

That only two Windows 10 smartphones were released in 2017 is no surprise. Microsoft had stopped making Lumias, shut down its Lumia factories, and pretty much gave up on the Windows 10 Mobile platform and encouraged users to adopt Android OS – or even iOS. Plus, nobody was making new Windows 10 Mobile apps anymore.

It was time to ask if it wasn’t time for Windows Phone fans to abandon ship.

Microsoft And Mobile Going Forward

It will be surprising to see any mobile brand release a Windows smartphone in 2018. A real surprise.

Then there is still the question of whether a Surface phone will show up in 2018. The rumour mills all point to a likely appearance. Should that happen, Microsoft’s Surface phone will certainly not run Windows 10 Mobile. It will likely have a large screen – at least 6 inches – and run full Windows 10 just like Surface tablets do. Add a stylus to it and you have a full productivity tool in your hands, as Microsoft is fixated on pushing Windows 10 as a tool for creative people.

Microsoft’s officials have repeated that the company is looking to make a splash in a new category of mobile devices. While they had failed at smartphones, their Surface tablets have done well in the market. It will make sense for the company to explore tablet-like territory for a Surface phone if they choose to go ahead with one.

Waving Windows Phone Goodbye

2017 is the year that Windows gave up their mobile platform. It doesn’t matter what you call it – Windows Phone or Windows 10 Mobile or Windows Mobile; it is dead. On to the future and what 2018 brings.

Our list of all Windows 10 Mobile smartphones ever made is a interesting one, so please check it out.

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