2017 has been an interesting year in smartphones. It has been the year of bezel-less, 18:9 aspect ratio displays and dual camera phones. The dual camera phones…

2017’s dual camera phones are catching up with the Lumia 950

2017 has been an interesting year in smartphones. It has been the year of bezel-less, 18:9 aspect ratio displays and dual camera phones. The dual camera phones are promising superb clarity and details, as well as effects that more professionally inclined cameras have had for years. I have sworn by the Lumia 950’s camera for as long as I have had it, and now is a good time to rub it in. Again.


When you see a photograph taken by a professional camera, it has depth of field and where applicable produces what is known as the Bokeh effect. 2017’s dual camera phones are using this punch line as a selling point. “Capture DSLR-grade images”, and then you are presented a photo with the subject in focus and the background blurred out.

It is captivating. We love the effect, both in pictures and in movies.


A Sample Lumia 950 Photograph

Now, have a look at the photo below. This is an indoor shot taken at 7.18am on a cloudy morning. There no light bulbs on. No filter has been applied. No editing has been done apart from the applied watermark.

mobilityarena 2017 dual camera phones Lumia


Observe the details and clarity of the subject. Observe how the background is blurred away just like a professional camera would do. This was not taken with any of the new dual camera smartphones released this year but with my Lumia 950. That is a Windows Phone cameraphone that hit the market in November 2015 – two years ago. It does not have a dual camera either. Yet, 2017’s crowd is only just catching up.

Look ma! Even the best dual camera phones struggle

The Lumia 950’s camera is so good that even the iPhone X camera finds it tough going against this Windows old dog (PS: the Lumia 950 and the 950 XL have the exact same camera).

Nokia had mobile photography nailed to a science and an art. Does the new HMD Nokia have what it takes to follow through with it?

The Lumia 950 may be an old dog, and seeing that it runs Windows Mobile 10, you can’t exactly teach it new tricks. But it has got great tricks that everyone else in the circus is struggling to catch up with. That’s a camera phone with solid game. Put some respect on it.

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  1. Nokia and their camera tech now belong to the old order. The Samsungs of this world are the new kids on the block

    And as we know, old technologies do not endure forever, they eventually wither !

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