2018 Ford Mustang is the kind of car I want to roar in

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Ford’s Mustang car model is a legend among performance cars. It is such an iconic that it is a prominent feature in quite a number of fast car movies, including big titles like Need For Speed and Transformers, among others. The 2018 Mustang is here and keeping in line with that form.

2018 ford mustang

This four-wheeled beast will take you from 0-100 kmph, or 0-62 mph, in 3.9 seconds and clock a maximum speed of 257 kilometres per hour.

There are in all 9 model options to select from. The base model is the EcoBoost Fastback with a 2.3-litre engine, and at the other end of the range is the Shelby GT350R with a 5.2-litre engine. Go with the more powerful models to have the engine delight you with its guttural growl when you hit the accelerator pedal.

There are also options to go with a 10-speed auto transmission or a six-speed manual transmission.

2018 ford mustang

One new, cool feature is the all-digital display instrument panel, which you can customise as you fit – including choosing a layout and colours.

If you are looking to buy the 2018 Ford Mustang sports car, pricing starts from at $25,680 only. In other words, if you want more than the base model, be ready to shell out more.

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