2018 TVR Griffith: The monster on wheels is back

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New cars are announced every year. But there’s a new bad-ass super car in town and it looks like the sheriff. It is the 2018 TVR Griffith.

You say?! Yes, the name Griffith just gets your attention, triggering images from some fantasy or horror flick. It reminds us of Gremlins or something of the sort. And that isn’t far from the truth. The name Griffith is a spin on Griffin, a mythical creature with the body, tail, and back legs of a lion; the head and wings of an eagle; and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. The 2018 Griffith fits that imagery. It yells, “monster”!

So, let’s proceed to the all-important question you might be asking if you are new to super cars: Who the heck is TVR?

TVR is British car brand reputed for it’s sports cars. Griffith is one of their most popular car models. The company stopped production in 2002 but is now back in action with their popular sports car model, the Griffith.

Introducing The 2018 TVR Griffith

What kind of guns does this resurrected monster on wheels bring to the fight? Does it fly or breathe fire from the mouth?

The 2018 Griffith is a V8, 5-litre front-engine, two-seat coupe/convertible with manual transmission and rear wheel drive. Visually, the Griffith is an attention-grabber. This super car will not drive by without attracting stares. The beast’s engine generates 500 HP (horsepower). That isn’t the most powerful engine among super cars, but it is powerful enough. It will take you from 0-100 kmph in roughly 4 seconds. You better be strapped in when it leaps forward. On the highway, this beast will max at around 320 kmph.

The Griffith will be produced in limited quantities, so do not expect to see many of these on everyday roads. If you want one though, you will need £90,000 in the bank. Production starts in 2018 and first models will start being delivered to buyers in 2019.

2018 TVR Griffith Photos

Here are some official photographs of the Griffith from TVR (we like it in red!):

2018 TVR Griffith front

2018 TVR Griffith side

2018 TVR Griffith interior

2018 TVR Griffith

2018 TVR Griffith

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