How I got 20GB mobile data for ₦3,500: a step-by-step guide

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With the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis management swinging into full force, my entire family has been holed up at home sice last week. My monthly data subscription was due for renewal, and because resources were scarce, I was on the lookout for the best bang for my money. This is the story of how I ended up with 20GB mobile data for ₦3,500 only.

20GB mobile data for ₦3500 on MTN app mega deal zone

For several years, I used Glo’s High-Speed internet (HSI) for my personal mobile internet. It was the most generous data plan available and it worked well as long as I had a 4G connection. In my experience, Glo 3G has been crap and so I never bothered with it. Anyway, even Glo 4G became a horrible experience for me and I needed to move on to something more reliable.

After Airtel introduced their new weekly 6GB for ₦1,500 data plan, I gave that a try too and it worked well for me for the most part. It required me to carry multiple devices though, as my primary line is on MTN. Then shortly after that, MTN introduced a similar weekly 6GB for ₦1,500 plan and I switched to that.

weekly data plan for mtn

MTN’s 4G service has not always lived up to expectations for me. Even till now, the network switches from 4G to 3G more than I would like, which can be frustrating. But for the most part, it works, and when you add the convenience of carrying only one smartphone around, it is a good deal, overall.

How I got the 20GB mobile data for ₦3,500

Anyway, yesterday, I needed to renew my weekly data subscription, but thinking of the upcoming lockdown in Lagos, I kept wondering where I could get a superb offer that would give me generous data at a low cost. So, I checked the MyMTN app and spied the Mega Deal Zone banner.

The Mega Deal Zone works by offering you an opportunity to get a great deal by cracking an egg. Because data was what I was after, I tapped on the Bundle Egg option, and was offered extra 10GB data bonus if I purchased a 10GB monthly data plan for ₦3,500.

That was an offer of approximately 5.7GB per ₦1,000. Did I think it was a solid deal? Of course! Who wouldn’t? I had enough to cover the cost, so I decided to take the offer. With a little trepidation (if you have been shafted before, you would understand), I accepted the offer and paid ₦3,500.

Some moments later, I got a notification that my activation of 10GB monthly plan was successful. Refreshing the MyMTN app data dashboard, I was happy to see that I had 10GB under my Main data balance tab and another 10GB under the Bonus data balance tab. The entire 20GB data is valid for 30 days.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, was how I ended up with 20GB mobile data for ₦3,500 only. Here is what to do again:

How to get 20GB mobile data for ₦3,500 on MTN

  1. Download and install the MyMTN mobile app.
  2. Sign in with your details.
  3. Select the Mega Deal Zone banner and crack the Bundle Egg.
  4. If you do not get the offer you want, do not accept it; simply crack another egg till you get a deal that you find good enough, then accept it and subscribe.

Data Is Life: Great Mobile Data Offers Are Essential At This Time

What network do you use for personal Internet and what super data offer have you taken advantage of in recent times? You should check with your carrier or network provider to see what is available to you. You are going  to need it during this COVID-19 sit-at-home exercise. You know, because data is life.

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