25 manufacturers made 31 Windows Phone models in 2014

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Windows Phone partners across the globe

Microsoft says that in the past year, they “have worked with 25 partners to bring 31 Windows Phone models to market.” That is impressive, though the reality is that it hasn’t improved Windows Phone’s marketshare in any way yet. Perhaps, the statistics charts will begin to feel the impact of this new tide of Windows Phone devices soon.

In the meantime, Chinese manufacturer, K-touch has released two new Windows Phones: K-touch 5757A and K-touch E8. It is good to see China, the world’s largest smartphone market, get involved with Microsoft’s platform. Again, hopefully, Windows Phone will see a change in fortunes.

Acer Liquid M220

Acer has also announced its first Windows Phone 8.1 smartphone, the budget Liquid M220 and KAZAM the Thunder 450W and 450WL. XOLO has announced the Win Q1000 for the Indian market, and Philippine-based Cherry Mobile have also announced their next generation of devices that includes the 5? Alpha Neon and 6? Alpha View devices.

We look forward to seeing how Windows Phone will fare on the global smartphone market statistics by the end of this year.

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