29% of search queries on Mobility.ng are about one mobile phone brand alone

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I was going through our Statcounter statistics this morning and I am well pleased to let you know that your favourite mobile lifestyle and technology blog, Mobility.ng, is growing in leaps and bounds. Here is the graph of how we rolled in the last three months. An upwardly mobile path is always lovely to see. You can click on the image for a larger-sized format.


Anyway, I also thought to check what you our readers have been searching for on this site. It turns out that 28.89% of search queries on Mobility.ng are about one mobile phone brand alone. I got to asking on Twitter and Facebook what people think that brand is, and wr got some interesting responses. They included: iPhone, Nokia, TECNO, Samsung, and – wait for it – Sendo. How many of you remember Sendo?

Anyway, here is the statistics from Statcounter:
Mobility top searches

There you have it: serches for TECNO dominate here at Mobility.ng. Hmmmmm. I wonder why… Do you have any idea? Meanwhile, it is interesting to see that people are looking to find BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) for Windows Phone and TECNO phones.

  1. Glean through all my posts and comments on mobility and you will know why tecno led. Gosh they didn’t even say thank you for pushing them to go see Mr Mo, long before they saw reason

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