Three (3) ways you can update your Blackberry 10 smartphone

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BlackBerry 10

These are 3 possible ways you can update your Blackberry 10 device to the latest software available, but before you try any of the procedures, here are a few precautions you should take:

  • Make sure you have a backup of your device using BlackBerry Link to ensure your data can be restored in case of mishaps during the update process.
  • If your Blackberry is for work, it’s best you contact your IT staff for guidance on how to update your device before following any of the steps below.

STEP 1: Using a Blackberry Device

The first and simplest method is by checking for, and installing, the latest BlackBerry 10 software right from your device. Most of the time the update demands you must use Wi-Fi network, while some other times it might allow you use your mobile data. On your Blackberry 10 phone:

  1. Go to Settings and scroll down to Software Updates.
  2. Tap Check for Updates
  3. If an update is available, tap Update to start the update process.
  4. When the software update has finished, restart when prompted.

STEP 2 : Using Blackberry Link on a PC or MacBlackBerryLink

You can also choose to update your device using Blackberry Link on your PC or Mac.Download Blackberry Link from HERE. After doing that:

  1. Open BlackBerry Link.
  2. Connect your device using a USB cable.
  3. Select your device on the left hand side.
  4. Click Software Updates
  5. Click Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions.
  6. When the software update has finished, your device will restart automatically.

STEP 3 : Using a web browser

Its also possible to update you Blackberry 10 using a web browser, though personally this procedure appears convoluted to me. It works with Firefox and Internet Explorer (starting from version 5.5 for the latter).

  1. Open Firefox browser, or Internet Explorer
  2. Go to
    • If using Firefox, you’ll be prompted install the plugin “Rim Handheld Application Loader”
    • If using Internet Explorer, when prompted allow the “BlackBerry WebSL Browser Plug-in from ‘Research in Motion’”
  3. Refresh the website, click Check for Updates and follow the on-screen instructions.

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