3 reasons why iOS 11 will feel familiar to Android users

Posted by EmmyCN

iPhone users might gloat over Android users in terms of the iPhone’s hardware characteristics, but these days they cannot brag about superior software. In fact, Google and Apple have been optimizing their mobile operating systems, and both have become very similar. Apple’s latest version of its operating system, iOS 11, was announced recently, and it brings a host of new features with it. However, some of these features are old hat to Android users. For example,


Google has made some progress in terms of machine learning with Google Assistant. This feature learns b adapting itself to the user. Apple’s virtual assistant, Siri, has so far been unable to keep up. However, according to Apple, Siri on iOS 11 will be more natural and intelligent. It will be capable of using the system’s keyboard to let the user know about appointments and events. This could be useful if someone asks for your plans for the day on iMessage, for example. Of course, Android users know all about that, through Now on Tap from Google.


This update won’t be on iPhones, but rather on iPads compatible with iOs 11. This feature, to be known as Files on iOS 11, is simply a file manager, which is a fundamental tool on Android. It will not access the total internal memory of Apple devices, but it will let users connect to cloud services and access their respective folders and files. In addition to iCloud, Files will support services like DropBox among others.


Since Apple decided to substitute Google Maps with their own app, Apple’s maps have been evolving steadily. At the Worldwide Developers’ Conference, the company announced some new, limited features on Maps which will be available in specific states. Among them is the option to see the inside of businesses and airports. Google Maps already has this feature, so it’s nothing new to Android users.


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