Mobile data is currently expensive. Very expensive. If you have a budget of N1,000 per month, the most you can get for that is 200MB.

3GB mobile internet data for N1,000 on the way

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Mobile data is currently expensive. Very expensive. If you have a budget of N1,000 per month, the most you can get for that is 200MB. If you need 1GB of mobile internet, you need to have at least a N3,000 budget for that. Recently, I ran into the following tweet:

I responded to him that it would happen, and soon too. The reason I gave is that there is so much unused capacity lying fallow that the way to go is to crash prices if they are going to get used. As at end of last year, Nigeria had a total capacity of 9.88 Tb/s (terabits per second). According to an insider, less than 10% of that capacity is currently being used. There is a huge amount of capacity under-utilisation.

Main One Cable recently rebranded to Main One. The rebranding marked the conclusion of the company’s evolution from a submarine cable company to a full-fledged communications services provider, and now offer last mile solutions. Obviously, Main One noticed the gap in last mile delivery and have stepped in to help bridge it.

Nigeria needs cheaper internet access, but the need goes beyond just that. There is a need for reliable internet access. Fibre optics is a good way to deliver that reliability, and companies like Main One and others are tackling that. It remains to be seen how well wireless service providers can rise to the challenge and improve on service quality of their mobile internet packages. Across the country, mobile internet subscribers have lots of complaints about 3G services not living up to the tag “broadband”. We can only hope that things change soon.

Beyond Fibre and GSM wireless, a new class of service providers are arriving on the scene, deploying Wi-Fi hotspots here and there. Oxygen Broadband is one of them. Oxygen already covers several public locations in Lagos. This means that smartphone and tablet users can access the internet via Wi-Fi at an ever increasing number of places across the metropolis. The same is happening in some other cities across the country. Things can only get better from here.

Permit me to reiterate Captain Spacely‘s words: I have a dream. I dream of the day when a 3GB mobile internet data plan will cost N1,000 only. And I predict that this dream will be actualized soon.

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  1. @John, can you point us to the link? never heard of such.

    All i will say about the article is to keep the dream alive. One day, we shal

  2. airtel bb package which is when you buy one they give you one free. It is offered as a bb package but it is tweaked and are used on all platform both on modem for pc and laptop browsing.

  3. // Mobile data is currently
    expensive. Very expensive. If
    you have a budget of N1,000
    per month, the most you can
    get for that is 200MB//


    mtn N1k BBC gives you more, much much more, officially and.UNofficially…

    data is VERY expensive.? -I don’t know.

    Given the skyrocketing rate of inflation in Nigeria, and particularly, looking at where we are coming from, I doubt that..

    But then, the cheaper.the data, the lower the prices of phones, the easier practically everybody can afford to be permanently online.

    And that’s surely a good.thing.

  4. However,just to digress,has anyone on etisalat nigeria noticed that there’s now a data cap on the use of either its BIS or BCM!
    I had issues with my BIS only to go their experience centre and was told that my MBs had expired!
    According to the customer service agent,I had to resubscribe(which I did) and thereafter dialled *228#. Lo and behold,it showed I had 3072mb to use!
    I wonder if mine’s an isolated case or has anyone a similar experience?

  5. Dr ken, you are not alone. I had similar experience. It took them almost two weeks before a cc agent could tell me how my inability to use my subscription had to do with exhaustion of data on my plan. The guy explained bb plans are actually not unlimited. Contrary to what was advertised.

  6. Mtn BBC gives you 3gb to use on any device and costs N1000 only. use it regularly on my nokia 701. The said plan is already available!

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