4 finance apps to help manage your debt

As the old saying goes, as easy it is to earn, the more difficult it is to manage expenses. Without proper planning and organizing your whole financial budget can turn topsy-turvy. In the smartphone age, there are a plethora of apps that can assist you in managing your finances and keeping debt under control. Here is a list of 4 such finance apps.

finance apps

1. YNAB (You need a budget)

Money is alluring as well as a challenge when it comes to managing debts and finances. You need a budget aids in managing this problem with brilliance and ease, giving you access to budget with just a click. Your finances at your fingertips, this saying stands completely true in case of YNAB.

If you are a businessman keeping a record of your incoming receipts and outgoing payments needs to be monitored properly. YNAB through its cloud technology syncs your bank account and credit card details to its system and keeps a tab over the outputs and inputs of finances. Not only keeping an eye on your business transactions are made hassle free but also keep a count of personal finances are eased by this app, through its Fast Budget Switching Capability.
All the recent transactions whether taxes or incoming payments are available at real time basis.

This app is available free for Android and iPhone devices.

2. Credit Card Debt Payoff

A lot of us have a habit of making payments using credit card and often forget to pay them off. This eventually results in a mounting pile of debt. Credit Card Debt Payment helps the user to keep track of the latest payments to be made. It also assists in calculating the exact amount needed to pay the debt.

Just enter your credit card balance, interest rate and your monthly expenses in figures and the rest is taken care of by the app. It calculates the amount that you will be having to pay monthly to become debt free. It also lets you know by which date you can become debt free if you follow through.

This app is available free for iPhone devices

3. Shoeboxed

We all have a box full of receipts that need to be entered into a balance sheet and tallied. Understandably,this is a task that a lot of people run away from. But as a business person and even on personal level, having your receipts and finances organized is of utmost importance.

Shoeboxed simplifies this arduous task. It aids you with features that lets you capture receipts irrespective of wherever you are in the world and track mileage. It lets you streamline all your accounting, expense tracking, tax details and money management organized online. All your records can be viewed with just a click.

This app is available free for Android and iPhone devices.

4. Spend Free

Spend Free is a finance app that makes it easy for you to track your money. An excellent personal money tracker, it is also good for your business. The app lets you track every single expense you make. It enables you to customize your spending based on daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. It will also help you to monitor your expenses for vacations, payments due, payment of taxes, etc.

The best part of Spend Free is that it doesn’t require internet access to work. Even without any internet connection, you can enter your purchases right from the place of purchase, whether from malls or from restaurants.

This app is available free for iPhone devices.

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