Like it or not, believe it or not. Nigerians still love the BlackBerry brand. Some may say, “It’s outdated”, “It’s too old” Oh yes! I

4 Reasons why Nigerians still love Blackberry

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Like it or not, believe it or not. Nigerians still love the BlackBerry brand. Some may say, “It’s outdated”, “It’s too old” Oh yes! I agree, But yet, the BlackBerry you think is dying or almost forgotten is still relevant in these parts. When you travel, or commute in cabs and buses, you almost always find a BlackBerry in the hands of one or more persons.

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Our brothers in Computer Village can confirm this fact for you, also recall the article from Hi Bizzle on the challenge of finding the best selling smartphones in Nigeria, Blackberries still made that list. We may ask, Why so? Why is the so called dead or dying platform still found in the hands of many? The reasons cannot be far fetched:

1.) Cheap data.
Till date, Blackberry plans remain the cheapest when compared to other generic data plans. Android fans in the house will acknowledge that we go many lengths to tweak our Androids in order to run a (cheaper) Blackberry plan on it. Owners of Blackberry still enjoy cheap data on the go, so what the heck?

2.) The Sweet Keyboard:
We can ruminate much on how touchscreen keyboards have revolutionized typing. I use it too, so I won’t argue that. The problem is? A good number of us are yet to fully switch to using them. Four people I know stuck to using the Bold 5 (9900) for years.


Not there was no cash , but because there was no other option. All of them currently use the Blackberry Q10. That’s after trying to woo other to full touchscreen devices. My mum currently using the Blackberry Curve 9320 recently confessed she loves the keyboard on it, that it helps her type easily. Our people still love the tactile feedback offered on keyboards and where is it best experienced if not on a Blackberry? Infact, this article was typed out on a recently acquired Blackberry device hehehe 🙂

3.) BBMBBM-Icon-Big

After Facebook, and WhatsApp, BBM still remains the most popular IM app or service in Nigeria. We still love to show ourselves on display pictures or drop inspirational quotes as status updates. The best BBM experience till date is still found on Blackberry devices.

4.) Social status: Ever since its arrival in Nigeria, the Blackberry brand has always been associated with the elite class. Owing mostly to it’s priced gadgets and expensive subscription. Till today, whip out a Blackberry Passport in public and eyes will turn. That’s exactly what Nigerians love. Your thoughts.


  1. You forgot to add : Glo Bis on Android!!! That’s the main reason why some Nigerians still love blackberry even though they use an android smartphone.

  2. YES!!!!

    From Bold 9700 to Bold 9780 to Q10 to Passport…long live my BlackBerry patronage!!!

    And long live BlackBerry (former R.I.M.) the company!

  3. For data alone. But that black clock that shows after viewing small things makes me hate it BB for ever. I haven’t used their new generation products sha.

  4. I thought I was the only one….6/7 years counting and im still a diehard BlackBerry fan. I tried a full touchreen device but kept longing for BlackBerry
    From 8530 to 9300 to bold 2 to bold 4 to q10, then z30…and now passport. I reallly dont thiink i can let go, for now.

    By the way, I hope BlackBerry plans to release a silver edition of classic too. I think the passport silver edition looks premium.

  5. Nigerians aren’t the only ones who still love BlackBerry, as attested by Even a recent discussion about whether readers would buy a new BlackBerry running Android shows love for the brand is thicker than water 😀

  6. I have strong reservations about buying a blackberry running android anyway. Maybe it’s still too early to judge, we shall see

  7. Started out with Blackberry Bold 2, went on to Bold 5, now on a Q10. still thinking of getting either a passport or a Classic.

    Blackberry ensures productivity.

  8. If u prefer portability, I would recommend the classic, attention grabber and biggger screen…go for the passport.

    I use the passport but if I have my way, I would go for the classic with passport spec, too bad, none. Hehe

    But BlackBerry ensures same productivity across all devices. That, I can assure you.

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