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This is going to sound absolutely absurd, but I actually get a lot of my inspiration from a fashion blogger. And for a while, I assumed that I had beaten her at the 5 ways, 5 strategies, 5 tips….you know drill. Then out of the blues I decided to write an article every single work day even though I knew there was this fear lurking at the back of my head that I was going to run out of fun and interesting things to write on. So I traced my steps back, checked out her blog and watched her vlog like 5 times, and this came to me.

For some time now, I have been ranting about how I didn’t make the best decision in my choice of phones. As much as I loathe anyone having a better smartphone than me [“Yinmu”- Editor], I won’t want you making the same mistake I did. So here are 5 ways to decide if you’re picking the right smartphone. Hey, this suggestion only work in the Nigerian space, so if you ain’t living here, don’t read (I’m just messing with you).

Ok, so let’s begin.

Analyze your lifestyle

Do you have a job that requires immediate response to emails or questions? Does your job require you to be connected all the time? Do you feel like you’re missing out when you can’t reply tweets and Facebook updates from your friends on the spot? If the answer is yes, then a smartphone makes perfect sense. A smartphone (with active internet services, of course) means instant access to social media, the web, emails and blah blah blah. If you can’t handle such exposure, then forget we even started this conversation. The cool folks have smartphones; I even hear the boring folks are catching on.

Your Budget

It aint about the money money…to the songwriter…NA LIE! It is about the money oh! And when it comes to choosing a smartphone, there are two costs to consider: 1) The actual price of the phone (a one-time expense) and; 2) the monthly expenditure we are forced into giving Airtel, Glo. MTN and the rest! If you take into consideration the amount of money you dish out to these fat, grumpy old ladies for internet subscription and airtime over a period of one year, you might wake up screaming, “Ole Ole!” Just believe it when I say it can easily be 2 or 3 times the amount you bought the actual phone. From my experience, there is always too much month at the end of the data plan. Then there are the prudent folks who end up barely using the data. Whichever way, both scenarios ended up paying too so much money. There is the part where you scrutinize the following, service connectivity in your area and work place, roll-over of unused data to the next month and talk time and texting plan. You won’t want to be dashing all these big telecommunication companies your hard earned cash, while your savings account is zero!

Operating System…your preference

Simply put, the smartphone’s operating system is the platform it uses to run various programs. The four most popular operating systems for smartphones are Apple’s iOS, RIM’s Blackberry OS, Microsoft’s Windows Phone and Google’s Android system. If you are a technophile, then there is that chance that the differences will go unnoticed. However you will notice the availability or lack thereof of programs and apps. If you are the type that is app crazy, avoid BlackBerry. The Apple appstore has the largest amount of apps in the world, with Android coming a close second. Android’s strength is in its customisability and the wider range of phones that it commands. Windows Phone operating system is an excellent choice if you intend to do a lot of work [on Office documents – Editor] from your phone. In other words, think Windows on mobile.

Play around with it

Try out the display and the keyboard to see if you are comfortable with it. See how easy it is to switch between applications. If size is an issue for you, does it fit comfortably in your hands and pocket? The ladies you might want to check if it can fit into their purse. How does the phone look? Read users review online to see of the phone has issues like getting hot afrer prolonged use. Mobility.ng is a good place to start. Right; Mr Mo? Emmm, we’ll get that answer later.

So, we have four tips already. I am known to love the number 5, but right now, the last point I can think of is this:

Follow 1 to 4 Above!

Tehehehe. That’s cheating; right? Well… not exactly. The title of the article says 4! Follow my instructions and the next smartphone you purchase will be THE BEST DECISION you have ever made.


  1. Hello, nice writeup and very well summed up… but RIM has gone through a change in name, They are now called BlackBerry Limited.

  2. Interesting article.

    …. Windows Phone operating system is an excellent choice if you intend to do a lot of work from your phone. In other words, think Windows on mobile.

    Lots of work from your phone? like what and what? I don’t just agree with that bit. I can’t see how Windows Phone will do better than any of the other platforms mentioned under operating system. It just doesn’t hold that advantage over other platforms in my opinion.

  3. I couldn’t help thinking no.4 is inundated with innuendos: ‘Play around with it’,’If size is an issue’ LOL…

    Nice read…I guess? 😀

  4. “Windows Phone operating system is an excellent choice if you intend to do a lot of work from your phone”

    Kindly explain further

  5. Harry Echemco & Khene,

    I believe that she meant to say: “Windows Phone operating system is an excellent choice if you intend to do a lot of work on Office documents from your phone”.

    Windows Phone has the best integration of Microsoft Office on mobile and if you are already deep in the Microsoft/Office ecosystem, you can’t go wrong. We are talking about the full enterprise/corporate suite beyond what the average person uses, giving you access to View and edit Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote. There is also Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile. Your documents also sync with SkyDrive and Office on your desktop.

    Windows Phone can’t be beat on this turf.

  6. Mr. Mobility:

    You are right on that one, it will almost be next to impossible beating Microsoft on their own thing, that is sure but there are really capable alternatives on the Android ecosystem and I’ve done some real work using KingSoft Office. It is really very capable that there are very few things you won’t be able to do on your mobile with it but I still want be believe that Microsoft Office on Windows Phone will be better.

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