4GB RAM is enough for your phone, says Huawei official

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Do you need more than 4GB RAM on your smartphone? Last year, Vivo and OnePlus launched smartphones with 6GB of RAM. There will most likely be more of these devices this year. Those are examples of smartphone manufacturers trying to outdo each other with the amount of RAM on their products. However, not everyone thinks that this is necessary.

According to Tech Times, Huawei official, Lao Shi, made a statement on his Weibo page explaining why 4GB of RAM is enough for a smartphone. He cited Appleā€™s iOS as an example. iOS devices do not need a huge amount of RAM to function smoothly. Instead, the company optimized the operating system to work with smaller amounts of memory.



Furthermore, he said that many Huawei devices run smoother with 4GB RAM than a 6GB model would. According to him, this means that more RAM is not actually necessary. The thing to do is to optimize the operating system to be as efficient as possible. Also, Lao Shi opined that smartphones with higher RAM are more expensive than necessary. Adding 6GB or 8GB RAM uselessly hikes up the cost of the device.


So, what do you think? Is adding more than 4GB of RAM to a smartphone a good idea?


  1. He’s probably right, we’ve seen what the iPhone (with less processors and ram) can do next to the latest galaxy devices and it’s clear that the problem lies with how the OS handles tasks.

  2. The reason I have the phone I have: 3GB RAM was the best option when similar phones were running on 1GB and 3GB RAM alongside 16GB. 3GB RAM on 32GB would be the minimum I would accept on an Android phone next time around.

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