4GB RAM phones are here; meet the first kids on the block

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Day by day, as technologies advance, phone specs are increased with almost every flagship release. Remember, with more RAM comes greater multitasking ability. Phones with 4 GB RAM are making an entrance into the mobile space, and these are the first set to the market in that class.

List of first 4GB RAM phones

These three are the first 4G RAM phones.

  1. Asus Zenfone 2: The Asus Zenfone 2 is the world’s first 4GB RAM device. It was launched earlier this year in CES 2015 featuring 64-bit Intel Atom processor, 13 MP camera with 3x optical zoom and more. read the full specifications HEREAsus Zenfone 2 ZE551ML
  2. Xiaomi Mi Note Pro : Released January 2015, the Xiaomi Mi Note Pro is another device representing the 4GB RAM clan. With a huge 5.7 inch display, it also sports fine all round design with a 13MP camera. See the full specifications HEREXiaomi Note Pro
  3. Lenovo K80 : The Lenovo K80 is the latest addition to the 4GB RAM family. Amazingly, it features a 4000mAh battery, other notable features are 5.5-inch screen, and internal memory of 64GB. See the full specifications HERE. Lenovo-K80


  1. This is CRAP. 4GB RAM on a PHONE?? Do we really need that??
    Vanity. We’ve abandoned true tech for vanity.

  2. It may not be vanity afterall.The world is moving.Imagine from desktop to laptop to smartphone.About 20years ago,nobody would ever have thought of mobile phones when landline was in vogue.Technology made easy and the world in the palm of our hands.So i see it.

  3. This is not vanity but sanity… sactity and mobility. If you are not moving, someone else will move ahead of you.

  4. Will it run power point and CAD ? Android is resource hungry not that we really need 4GB of RAM on a phone, I mean look at Windows Phone and iOS.

  5. It’s a good thing, perpetually and continually expanding the frontiers of technology.

    But currently, I think the effort is in the wrong direction. Vastly improved Battery life, unbreakable, truly scratchproof screens are far more important than 4GB RAM which nobody currently needs..

  6. wow!! impressed. not like some stupid Samsung. eyeing the lenovo most cos of the huge battery.
    unbreakable screen? really?

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