4GB RAM smartphones are coming in 2015

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Samsung 4G RAM chip

2GB RAM smartphones are fairly commonplace now, especially on Android OS. But we already have a handful of 3GB RAM smartphones, the BlackBerry Passport being one of them. From all indications, 2015 will witness the arrival of 4GB RAM smartphones.

Samsung has announced that they have started to mass produce the industry’s first 4GB low power, mobile DRAM chips. Samsung also says that these chips are “faster than the DRAM for PCs and servers and consumes much less energy”. The chips are expected to hit the market in early 2015, so we can expect to see 4GB RAM smartphones before 2015 runs out.



  1. Good news.

    Would empower software authors to get more ambitious with the cadre of software that can be run on mobiles.

    More complicated Games, Computer Aided Drawing…

    So, why is a company that seems to perpetually push against the frontier of technology having to worry about its bottom line?

    Ain’t it a strange world?

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