Having a 4k resolution display on a mobile phone is about to become the cool thing. Yet, one has to wonder what difference such high resolution will…

Do we really need 4k resolution display on mobile phones?

Having a 4k resolution display on a mobile phone is about to become the cool thing. Yet, one has to wonder what difference such high resolution will make on the small displays of our smartphones.


If you’ve been following the latest in mobile technology, you’ll notice a general trend with any announcement of a new device. We keep seeing increases in specs : bigger screen sizes, faster (more efficient) processors, richer displays and many more. Our focus for this discussion would be on the displays.

Phones makers always improve on their displays with every new flagship released. Over the years (for our phone screens), we’ve seen bumps from 720p to 1080, up to the latest one which is 4k resolution. Now the big question is: Do we really need 4k resolution display on mobile phones?


4k resolution display on mobile phones

What is a 4k resolution display?

4k resolution means the display is about 3840 x 2160 pixels, all cramped into a 5 to 5.5-inch screen. Now, this means the colors are very vivid: what you see on the phone is so sharp and clear. Every detail, every chroma, is presented before you.


My final year project discussed some aspects of data compression. I did lots of research and one of my findings was that the human eye is sensitive to the color variations it takes in. In simpler terms, your eye can’t tell the difference between 1080p and anything higher, except you are a gizmo from another planet or your ancestors gave you telescopic eyes.

Similar to 4k resolution displays is 4k video recording. The problem with 4k video is the huge size it occupies. When we had the OnePlus One, we recorded a short 30 second clip in 4k eesolution and were shocked to discover the file was about 200 MB. Look at the iPhone 6s that has 4k recording capabilities. The 16 GB model can only take in 32 minutes of 4k video, and that is excluding any app installation.


The Sony Xperia Z5 series just launched recently and it was touted to have a 4k resolution display. Curious people like me found something fishy with that claim, and proved it was not entirely true. In light of this, Sony released an official statement:

Xperia Z5 Premium features a 4K display with a resolution of 3840×2160 pixels based on SID Standard and enables all video and image content to be enjoyed in 4K resolution. All other content is displayed at 1080P or lower resolution in order to optimise the performance and battery stamina for this device, ensuring you can enjoy the 4K resolution when you need it most.

Looking at all the stress and palava associated with this 4k resolution display technology, we begin to wonder, “Why bother?” Even when transfered to big TV screens, 4k is still overly sharp. Can we then draw a conclusion that 4k is a mere gimmick or market strategy?

Your thoughts?

P.S: This was supposed to be our weekend rants for the past week. The spirit was willing but the body was weak 😆 Still share your thoughts though.

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  1. Would it matter if my phone lasts two days on a charge while you’re endures for five days? The display war is something for the tech community to drool over.

    One phone is looking almost like any other phone these days.

    Manufacturers need to have something to brag about and differentiate their products with, even if there is not much practical use for the features. Fingerprint scanners, quintu_core processors, 1,000ppi displays,, etc.

    Beyond a certain point these things mean absolutely nothing.

    Take any two top end phones and you find not much is different between them.I would.pick the cheaper. Every single time.

    The same has been happening in the automobile sector.. for some time. .

    For.me a phone is a phone is an Android phone with 6 inches, with good legibility in sunlight, and a fair battery life

    Every other thing is academic bean_counting.

  2. All I know is this, and I stand to be corrected: Samsung has the best displays on mobile phones right now. And I also believe that thing takes mad toll on battery life in the long run, in short, maybe short run sef.

    So if in 2015 I buy a flagship device and u give me 4k, im cool. If you dont, as long as the screen is very bright and attractive…GODWIN. I could really care less.

    It’s true these guys are in Spec’s war…especially the android guys, and these components make their phones more expensive to produce and eventually eat into their profit.

    I just hope they find a way around this. Consumers want usable and enjoyable phones. Whats the point in having features on Paper that you can’t bring to Life while using your mobile?

  3. Gimmicks..if you ask me,except for possibly AMOLED screen technology,4K in Smartphones are mostly for bragging rights,funny the same Sony who labeled 2k screens as being unnecessary are the ones pushing 4K resolutions..
    Whatever the possible benefits might be the truth is that current smartphone tech in other areas like SoC,battery,ROM, GPU,Apps etc are not yet capable of optimal performance with 4K and as such it’s a little bit premature for implementation..

  4. this things about resolution is damn doing us more harm than good finally, now, my phantom Z wastes 4.5 GB data for me within 3wks which is an enjoyment in disguise because of its full HD display. now, someone is introducing 4k screens, 2xHD screens so that even 10GB will be useless in one month. while both the phones and android data plans are generally expensive. bros, to me… wWE DON’T NEED IT. THE FULL HD DISPLAY IS ENOUGH FOR NOW UNTIL ANDROID PARTNERS WITH OUR NETWORK PROVIDERS AND INTRODUCE USER FRIENDLY DATA PLANS LIKE BB PHONES. NA WE DEY SURFER THE PAIN

  5. Hello, Lovely. The screen doesn’t consume data. What I meant in the article is that it consumes lots of your storage space and memory card. I’m guessing you do a lot of streaming

  6. LOL

    Please how did you come about the idea that 4.5gB was wasted because of your screen resolution???

  7. Lolz, Olamide, that was my thinking because am damn tired of subscriptions. although I don’t stream A lot finally but then, thanks mobility for ur brief clerification. I will like u to help me list briefly, stuffs that really wastes my data bundle. thank u #Eye-Bee-Kay… it’s not a fight. u weren’t born a tech literate if at all you are. be polite in your corrections next time if at all you wish to do so….#opinion is more like a belly-button

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