It seems like every possibly conceivable app has been developed, or is in the process of being developed. There are apps that help you monitor your

5 Apps I Wish Nigerian Developers Would Build

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It seems like every possibly conceivable app has been developed, or is in the process of being developed. There are apps that help you monitor your sleep; track your bowel movements (and share with others!); manage your expenses; spice up your love life, or even hurt the people you hate – developers seem to have us pretty much covered. Well, not quite yet. At least, not for the average Nigerian. And seriously, only Nigerian developers can understand what Nigerians really need; but they seem to be lacking in inspiration. So I thought I’d give them a hand. Here are 5 apps I wish Nigerian Developers would come up with.


iFlash_3Apparently, people still flash in 2013. Ever had your last N10 vamoozed by that trigger-happy flashee, to the point where you feel like strangling them? No need to habour murderous thoughts anymore, install iFlash. iFlash will guarantee you 100% flashing success rate. You just select the contact, iFlash dials and then cuts the call within the tiniest microsecond of the flashee picking up. iFlash is free but there’s also a paid version, iFlash Pro, that allows you save quick 2-second voice notes like “Abeg call me back”, which will auto-play on pickup and drop the call immediately, saving you those important kobos.


Linkify“Send the link abeg”. Whether it’s about a celeb who’s still single, or another who may have found love again, everybody wants the link. Linkify is an intelligent app that stays up-to-date with trending topics by analyzing all social media channels and automatically bookmarking relevant links. So the next time someone on your TL tweets about which Naija celeb just got a new pair of shoes from Dubai, who is kissing who in BBA, or anything that piques your interest, you no longer need to ask them for the link – ask Linkify.


Amebo_2Forget Instagram and Vine, Amebo is the next big thing in social media. For all those random moments when you can’t load up your camera app in time to capture that moment, Amebo is the perfect solution. Regardless of whether your phone screen is locked or not, Amebo takes photos using your unique laugh, or custom voice commands like “come and see o!”, and instantly uploads them for you. You can even setup templates for instant-posting on your blog, Amebo automatically generates eye-catching titles so your followers will be sure to click.


1up_naijaOn those match/movie days when PHCN are nice enough to provide you with power – only they take and bring on a per-minute basis – you never have to worry about getting up every 20 minutes to switch on the generator. phcNO comes with the most advanced technology that implements Wi-fi signals for one-touch switch on/off of your generator. phcNO also comes with intelligent “bedtime pacifier” feature, which monitors heat levels at midnight, to determine when to switch on/off your generator appropriately, saving you lots of fuel money & hours of sleep.

Buka Me Up

buka_me_upThis one was inspired by @gidi_genius’s tweet. Buka Me Up uses Google maps integration to give you directions to the best bukas & beer parlours within your vicinity, complete with traffic report and food-ready status. The interface also spots a timeline that displays real photos of current food offerings, in real-time, to aid you in ordering exact pieces of those “particulars” you just can’t do without.


  1. This list is so creative… Lwkmd

    As to iFlash, you have obviously not enrolled in the Advanced School of Flashers.

    You graduate from there when you tell someone you are about to flash them, and they should pick the call if they are fast enough!

    Get ready, GO!

    The Graduands. (your truly included ) are sooo good at flashing you won’t hear your phone ring. You just magically see a missed call on your screen!

    As to phcNO, whoever gets that right would make truckloads of money.

  2. @eye_bee_kay I was never really serious with Flashing School. I think I spent 1 semester in year one before I called it quits, so pardon my ignorance 🙁

  3. Such a hilarious, mischievous list.
    And of course, a good challenge too.

    Indeed, good money is waiting to be made by perceptive and creative Nigerian developers who can exploit the vast peculiarity and dynamism of this phenomenal country!

    I wish another Chinedu Echeruo (now made richer by Apple’s acquisition of his app) who created HopStop transit app for New York City could do same for Lagos, Nigeria.

    Local Content and flavour count a lot in most aspects of life these days. That’s why it’s a factor in our oil and gas sub-sector reforms. That’s why Nigerian fashion designers are now using local fabric to create new exquisite handbag and shoe designs.

    Who knows, any proactive Nigerian developer who creates a darn great, future-proof, proudly Nigerian app today may someday smile to GTBank when a Samsung or Nokia giant OEM comes with an acquisition offer of a Billion Naira! This is happening frequently now at the global technology turf.

    Those who have ‘appy’ ears and eyes, let them take heed now.

  4. This is very interesting. Maybe you should take up the challenge of developing the apps.

  5. Sorry It took a while, everyone is mega busy so i took it upon myself to do it few days ago. Get it BlackBerry World


    — Was implemented for blackberry since I assumed its about the most used smartphone in Nigeria.

    — Furthermore, was implemented for previous versions of BB since well, I decided people using OS10 series don’t deserve to flash (pls dont ask me why!)

    — I am a developer.. and like most developers, my UI skills suck. So its not soo professional, but its simple enough for grandmas to understand.

    — Why record a voice message when you can set a call duration ?.. I used the later so one can set the time to 1-2 mins and the call will disconnect then (I can extend it if you wish).

    Ok, my break is over, you’ll probably get the rest of the list as you use the application (if you do). Have fun!

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