Despite having a catalogue of hundreds of thousands of apps, there are quite a number of Android apps you won’t find in Play Store. This may be due to a number of reasons. Here are the top apps not available in Google Play and where to download them.

Some of the best Android apps you won’t find in Google Play Store

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You might have been unaware, but there are really good Android apps you won’t find in Play Store. Google Play Store is a great place to find virtually any app for anything on your mobile phone. Not withstanding the open source nature of Android and how things can get wild sometimes, there are yet really good apps you won’t find in there.


This is despite having a catalogue of hundreds of thousands of apps. Some apps may be missing from there because the nature of the app, or perhaps because of a fallout between Google and the developer. Below is a list of some good Android apps you won’t find in Play Store.

The best Android apps you won’t find in Play Store

Android apps you won't find in Play Store



If you love downloading YouTube videos, then Tubemate should be your parley. This app here is arguably the best YouTube video grabbing app. Get Tubemate here.



ShowBox is another great one, a must have for movie lovers. Get ShowBox here.


Kii keyboard

From inception, this keyboard app won my heart. Striking the perfect balance between tap typing and swiping. Can’t really say what happened with the developer and Google and he stopped working on the app. Grab the latest apk here.

Lucky Patcher

There’s a lot to be said about this app, it’s a multifunctional must have app for rooted Android users. Big credit goes to the developer for adding new features almost on a daily basis. Grab the latest version here.


Ad free ad blocker

This is another root app that basically blocks ads on your android. The latest apk can be found here.



The world’s most famous PUBG mobile game is available to download only from the publisher’s official website HERE.


This is a popular 3rd party app store for free and open-source Android apps. F-Droid can be downloaded from its official website HERE.



Audio enthusiasts who go hunting for this app in Google Play Store quickly find out that it is not available there. If you love tweaking with the audio of your smartphone or other Android device and want to give Viper4Android a go, you have to head to XDA Developers to download it. Click HERE.


Did we miss out any great Android apps you won’t find in Play Store? If we did, sound off in the comment section, so we can have a look to include it in our list.

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  2. Good grief, Kii keyboard isn’t in the Play Store anymore? That was my favourite keyboard for a team, I did my fastest typing on it. Glad to know the developer hasn’t given up or abandoned it.

  3. LOL! The guy actually abandoned the app. He was frustrated by Google. The link is the last apk of the app. Still works well anyways

  4. @ Elroy, did he say what his frustration with Google was? So sad when you see this happen to a developer. I’ve seen many a good app abandoned in the Play Store for the same reason.

  5. he probably uses “”
    replacing the “www.” with “ss” in the youtube video url.

  6. Thanks for the tipoff. Been trying hard to get the original tube mate. This one eventually paid off.

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