Android today, is the world’s most popular smartphone Operating System in the world. More than half of the world’s smartphone users are Android users. Android,

5 Cool Things You Never Knew Existed On An Android Device

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Android today, is the world’s most popular smartphone Operating System in the world. More than half of the world’s smartphone users are Android users. Android, in its various versions, is simply dominating the smartphone world.

But there are a lot of hidden features a lot of android users don’t know exist at all. These features are designed to make our android usage experience super cool. Unfortunately, many of us never get to use them. There are lots of them, but I would just highlight five in this article.


Stolen devices are a very rampant problem especially in low-income countries where there is a high level of unemployment. But what many people don’t know is that you can actually track down your stolen device. Finding a misplaced phone can be a bit quite tricky, especially when the phone’s ringer is off.

The easiest way to detect a lost or misplaced Android phone is through the Google device manager (Search device manager). All you have to do is open the device manager and log in to your Gmail account with which the phone is configured.

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This app has tremendous skills when it comes to locating a lost phone (on the map), you can make a device ring (even when it’s on silent), send an emergency message or in even worst situations, wiping the phone of all data.



This is one of the most underrated feature on Android. It is also one of the most brilliant features that Android has. It disables the lock screen whenever you are at a particular location — say at home or office or when you connect to some trusted devices.

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So that when the phone is lying next to you in office you wouldn’t need to be unlocking it several times. The transition is quite seamless and what makes it incredible is one can choose any number of locations. To enable it, go to Smart Lock under the Security settings.

A few smartphones need the Google Play Services access to enable Smart Lock, the settings can be found in the app settings.



This is also another feature many Android users never get to use. More often than not, we come across a variety of apps that disrupt the smooth running of our device. Like apps that allow obstructive ads to run on your device seamlessly. They also make the device hang in some cases.

android 4

If you find yourself in such scenarios, the best thing to do is to boot the Android device in safe mode. Safe Mode disables all the third-party apps and that makes it easy to get rid of the offensive ones.

To boot the phone into safe mode, tap on the power button and long-press the option to power off.



Not until recently did I discover this amazing feature. Whenever you decide to hand over your device to someone to view something, you are always scared the person might from there scroll through your device, like view your personal chats and all.

android 5 android 6

To avoid this, just enable screen pinning, which makes it almost impossible for him or her to navigate over to the other apps since this nifty trick renders the buttons inaccessible.

All you have to do is head over to the Settings menu and tap in the Pin icon to enable it.

Please note that in Samsung Galaxy devices, the Pin windows option needs to be enabled. This can be found in the Other Security Settings menu.



I know there are a lot of third-party apps that help you see the file contents of the phone memory and SD card memory. But what if you have a device with little space and there is no space to install a new app?

The solution is actually simple — open your Chrome app.

android 7

Just type file:///sdcard/ and all the phone contents — old & new — will be displayed in an index form. Very simple!

I hope you have learnt one or two things from this article…please remember to share!

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