Yesterday, I spent a very brief period of time with the Samsung Galaxy S7 – about five minutes. It wasn’t a planned thing and I

5 minutes with Samsung Galaxy S7

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Yesterday, I spent a very brief period of time with the Samsung Galaxy S7 – about five minutes. It wasn’t a planned thing and I was in a hurry, so I didn’t even take any pictures. However, Samsung’s new flagship made such an impression on me that it would be wrong not to write a bit about it from the little time I spent with it.

Samsung Galaxy S7

First, this is a very, very beautifully crafted device. We are talking about fine lines and smooth curves that gleam in the light. The display is absolutely gorgeous and when I touched it, it felt perfect. The display is 5.1 inches, right within my limits of comfortable handling. In the hand, the S7 feels just as premium as it looks. This is top notch premium, people. Nothing about the Galaxy S7 looks or feels like Samsung skimped in making it worthy of being called a flagship.

But What of the OS and performance? You do know that scores of smartphones pass through my hands regularly. So, when I pick up a device and use it, even if for a few minutes, I am able to immediately tell how smooth it runs. How do I put this? The Galaxy S7 purrs along nicely like a cat. I flipped through and swiped around quite a bit, and I can tell you that it runs uber-smooth. The performance is far ahead of what any of the 1.3 GHz flagships produce. How well it will perform when loaded with apps is a different matter that is beyond he scope of this brief hands-on.

Sadly, I had to run. I couldn’t try out the camera (it is interesting though that Samsung bucked the trend and went for a lower megapixel count, equipping the S7 with a 12 megapixel unit). I wish I had more to share with you guys, but that’s it. The Galaxy S7 is pure class and a very exciting smartphone. You can check out the full specifications HERE.


  1. The display is 5.1 inches

    That’s the show stopper. Can’t use a phone less that six inches in size, not that I can AFFORD to AFFORD spending 800 dullards on a phone.

    I simply stopped reading when I got. to the screen size bit..

  2. Note 5 dual sim just got updated to marshmallow. TouchWiz looking awesome .music player updated and more

  3. Recently I saw the S7. Then I saw the S7 Edge. Then I looked at the S6 Edge and decided the S7 Edge had it in the looks department. Kind of reminded me of a smaller version of the S6 Edge Plus (because of the length).

  4. HaseeTops, you haven’t been around for too long. I’ve drooled over several and owned a few. I have fond memories of my Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note 2. Oh; and I still rock a Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 till date. All of them, lovely Samsung devices.

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