On my way to work this morning, I noticed that about three quarters of the human beings that surrounded me had their eyes glued to

5 Reasons why any Nigerian business needs a mobile app

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On my way to work this morning, I noticed that about three quarters of the human beings that surrounded me had their eyes glued to a phone. They were oblivious to the traffic, the rain and the young chap trying to sell his consignment of “La Casera”. Then it hit me, the most affordable internet in this part of the world is mobile internet and get this, the number of Nigerian that can afford smartphones outnumber those that can afford laptops or desktops. And if you think I am just talking here are some statics. With a population of over 150 million, it has been reported that 64% of Nigerian adults own mobile phones (84.9% in urban areas and 55.6% in rural areas), so how does that sound for a smart business owner looking to tap into the mobile market? But smartphones are not my focus today, rather it is mobile apps.

Promotes and Positions your Brand

I figured that one of the major reasons that keep folks glued to their mobile phones is an app, a messenger or a text message. I’ll go with the app because messengers automatically fall into the app group and there is no single text message that can keep you glued to you phone. Is that not enough reason why businesses should either focus on creating a mobile app that simplifies their information transfer or transaction process to the end user? In case you missed the point I am driving at, let me say it again. There is a love affair between people and mobile apps. Don’t ask me when the romance started; just know that you will be doing yourself a disservice if you don’t try to promote your business through that avenue. Trust me when I say it will help reinforce, give your brand presence and importance in the minds of the consumer.

Anytime, Anywhere

Tell me something, when was the last time you saw people with laptops and desktops at the beach? As if that is even possible, but do you see people with their mobile phones at the beach? We are slowly moving into a world where your business need not have down time. The internet and most especially mobile apps make it possible for you to have the 24 hours service. You must be nuts if you want to pass up that opportunity! As a business owner, how would you like to shift base directly to your consumer’s pocket? That would be a pretty comfortable spot right? (Depending on if it is a clean pocket though) For any small/ medium size business this is a huge deal!

Social is the Future of Mobile Apps

Since the invention of Facebook, everything has gone social. It is the new currency of the internet. I need not remind you that social is key to the future of customer service and I must say that mobile apps are the future of social. Everyone is eager to share their experiences about your brand with their friends and family. If no platform is created for that, how will you review, evaluate and improve on your business. Failure to do these will have you out of business in no time. As a business owner, a mobile app is the best way to get feedback from the market place.

Fast, easy, simple

I stated this point earlier….mobile apps make business information sharing and transaction process “fast, easy and simple”. It is as simple as that. Give the customer these three and you have their attention

Cost effective

Lest I forget much more cost effective it is to develop a mobile app as against all the expensive billboard ads which no one looks at these days? This would start me off on another topic, so I guess this ends the 5 reasons why you absolutely, positively need a mobile app for your business. Won’t you like to be the 1st artist or fashion designer or photographer to have a mobile app in Nigeria?

I better run off, before you start asking questions. Ermmm, drop them in the comment box or better still, give me a mention on twitter. I am @toperants. Tomorrow is another day.

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  1. Nice article Tope. It’s definitely paramount that every business has a mobile presence. Though I wouldn’t exactly say it is completely necessary that they build a Mobile App.

    There are 3 dimensions to mobile presence, in order of decreasing expense; Mobile App, Mobilized sites and Responsive Web Design. Which ever of these a business chooses depends majorly on their budget and usability targets, amongst other things.

    If you are going to build a Mobile App, you have to consider building natively for all the major platforms out there; Android, iOS, WP8, Blackberry. That costs money. Unless you want to kill all birds with one stone by going the HTML5 route. Arguably, that has it’s disadvantages

    Responsive design would often suffice for businesses that revolve majorly around blogging. But in some cases, you have to consider designing an entirely different mobile-optimized version from scratch – Mobilized Site. I think a perfect example of a Mobilized Site is notjustok.com

    Not that building a Mobile App for any business is a bad idea, but it really is about balancing your needs and resources and determining which works best for you.

  2. Techy dude…you have a point, but…Just like there are sites and there are sites…depending on the architecture and task ur looking for thats what determines the cost. In the short run, it may be expensive but not in the long run….

  3. Hi,

    I’d like to know the cost of building a mobile app for Android and BBOS and the time frame within which the task can be completed.

  4. Hi Victor, send me an email with your requirements and we can give you a quote for the app design and deployment.(kennethoguzie@gmail.com)

    AppConsol ltd

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