I have been on medication this week, and it has messed with my body and mind so bad that sleep has wrestled against me every

5 things you didn’t know about Mister Mobility

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Psion Palmtop

I have been on medication this week, and it has messed with my body and mind so bad that sleep has wrestled against me every night, eventually winning any time between 2am and 3am, and leaving me awake till day break. Or perhaps it isn’t the medication, but something else. Anyway, here I am still awake at 3.24am this Sunday morning and bored to the bone. If you are reading this, I suspect that you must be bored too, or just here for the intrigue. I thought I would put out some trivia about myself just for the kicks. Yes; the things that boredom does.

  • I owned my first mobile device as a teenager – a palmtop/PDA as a gift from my dad. It was love at first sight. I remember owning a Casio and a Psion. I do not quite remember the other brands. Psion was the ancestor of Symbian
  • I got my first mobile phone in 2002. A Motorola Talkabout T2288. It had a monochrome (green) display and a WAP browser. Maximum internet speed on it, based on circuit switched data, was a measly 9.6 kbps. Yes; and that was cutting edge back then. Your Nokia 3310 didn’t have internet at all!
  • As a youngster, I never read the Mills and Boon series or any romance novel. Okay, I tried reading one, I think, and got turned off during the experience. I did read the exciting Nick Carter – Killmaster spy series alongside several other titles. As an adult, I still do not read romance. Romance novels bore me.
  • Same goes for movies. I would rather see a thriller or science fiction movie than watch romance. If I have to watch a romance-themed movie, it has to be a romantic comedy. Yes; the comedy makes it okay. Romance is boring, even tedious
  • I love comic books – all kinds of comic books: football (Hot Shot Hamish and Mighty Mouse in Roy Of The Rovers, anyone?), super heroes, humour, et al. Again, except romance.

There. I wrote all of the above in what – twenty minutes? Now, what to do with the rest of my night. Sigh.


  1. I recognise the Psion in the photo and still have mine. Bought it the day before Psion announced they were leaving the PDA business 🙁 in fact stil have two other PDAs and my Palm Tungsten T2 still works!

  2. Mr Mo probably made his first call before me. I mean calling from a private cell phone.
    My very first phone was a Samsung X-100.
    Colour screen.
    Wap browser.
    Ability to record sounds made me a king.
    I won’t forget the very night I had to fight armed men on campus just to save my beloved X100.
    How time has changed. I don’t need to see your guns before I willingly hand over my note3

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