500,000 Android devices now activated daily

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Google’s Andy Rubin, has posted a tweet stating that 500,000 Android phones and tablets are now being activated per day.

We knew that robots were going to take over Earth one day; didn’t we?


  1. Its been a long time coming, as a matter of fact no suprises. Android would be the mobile platform to beat. I hope Nokia windows phone are all ears as this should let them know that they have no margin for error whatsoever in the successful implementation of their new devices with the new platform. Yomi, when are we expecting the first Nokia windows phone?

  2. And again this keeps making me feel like we might see a Nokia Android devices sometime in the near future. Is someone else thinking in my direction?

  3. If Android should maintain this growth rate, it may overtake Nokia in the number one position in terms of installed user based towards the end of the year.

  4. How many androids are gettin activated here in nigeria? There devices are still rare occurrences here…its either symbian or blackberry!

  5. This droid craze is primarily is North America, Europe and Asia.

    Don’t know about South America; but in Africa, android still has a very small footprint. This may change with the mid-class droids being introduced by Samsung, LG, etc.

  6. androids may not be so popular right now, but I think 1 out of every 4 smartphone enthusiast will want to try android in nigeria. I was surprised some days back when a distant lawyer inlaw with no flair for technology called me up to ask about Android.

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