You won’t need any form of spiritual revelation to accept that the world has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the development of technology in recent


6 Ways I have benefited from Information Technology

You won’t need any form of spiritual revelation to accept that the world has witnessed an unprecedented rise in the development of technology in recent times. Above all is the emergence of mobile technology. Gone were the days when we were “libraries away from information”. Later things changed to “cybercafe away” from information.


I remember those old days of visiting cyber cafes (Some still do) just to check my mail. Not too long after this, mobile phones manufacturers rolled out internet-enabled phones into the Nigerian market. This made things easier. Those were the days when people bought a mobile phone simply because “it can browse”.

From all this, I begin to wonder, things have really changed indeed! Just this afternoon, I took a journey into my “old analog” lifestyle and I tried as much as possible to compare those days with today’s reality.


With this revolution in web and mobile technology, I have been able to:

  • Increase my knowledge bank: Google links me with the information I need. Through this, I have been able to read Gigabytes of ebooks and several pages of information. This is the most important to me.
  • Connect with my old friends: Honestly, I did not bother to search for my old secondary school friends on Facebook when I  joined…but thank God they did and found me. Now, I am connected with a handful of them.
  • Connect with potential clients (Facebook has connected me with numerous people who end up becoming clients).
  • Make more Impact: via, my Blogs and through my FB updates.
  • Stay connected with Friends, Families, and most especially my Mentors. (via email, FB, and phone calls).
  • Make more money (by fixing systems, designing websites and offering various  tech services).

I have been able to do more with technology, especially in recent times, but I have decided to limit it to the above.


So, what have you been able to do with technology (either mobile or any other form of digital product)? Comment below please.

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  2. Technology is really changing our lives. Look at the following smart use of NFC:

    Having your phone run out of juice may soon mean more than not being able to make calls or surf the mobile web, it could result in being locked out of your own home.

    Yale, one of the oldest brands offering locking solutions, has come bang up-to-date by developing a lock that is opened via NFC. So instead of
    needing a key or even a keypad PIN, you can just hold your smartphone up to the lock and it opens. If you don’t want to rely on a phone, then another
    device, even a dedicated NFC dongle could be used.

    The advantage of using a smartphone is the fact it can handle multiple locks through a single app. As the video below demonstrates, you first
    select which lock you are trying to open in the app, then hold it up to the appropriate lock. That way your home could be secured with several
    different locks, but all opened with your phone, or any of the phones members of your family own.

    Yale gave a first showing of what it is calling the Yale Real Living lock at the CEDIA Expo 2011 conference held earlier this month. The
    associated patented technology behind the lock is owned by parent company Assa Abloy and called Mobile Keys. There’s no release date
    for the home version of the Real Living lock yet, but Yale has already had the technology proven by using it at the Clarion Hotel in Stockholm where
    it was given to 28 of the hotel’s most frequent guests.

  3. I.T has changed lives and will continue to do so at an increasing rate. Even those in the villages cannot not escape it’s impact. For me, it is ask about information access. It helps me to get things done easily in the shortest possible time.

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