Travelling is amazing. You get to see the world and experience new cultures. You can try foods you’ve never heard of before, meet people you

7 Neat New Gadgets to Help You on Your Next Trip

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Travelling is amazing. You get to see the world and experience new cultures. You can try foods you’ve never heard of before, meet people you didn’t even know existed and encounter new places that take your breath away.

But travelling is not all fun and games. In fact, it certainly comes with its challenges. Whether you’re huddled in the corner of the airport trying to charge your phone, lost driving on a narrow street in Paris or trying to find fresh drinking water on a camping trip in the Colorado Rockies, gadgets and technology can be your saving grace. With today’s new technologies, you can fix all of these situations and many others. It doesn’t matter where you’re off to. Let’s look at 7 neat new gadgets that will be able to help you tremendously on your next trip.

  1. Satellite Telephone

These phones were made for people going off the grid. A satellite telephone connects itself to a network of strong satellites in space, so it works even in the most remote places. Sailors who travel across the ocean use satellite phones. Mountain climbers use satellite phones. And of course, the armed forces use them all the time. These phones are made for use far away from home. Get one online and see how it can connect you to the world even when you’re living on the wild side.

  1. Mobile Video System

This one’s for the kids. Put this amazing gadget on the back of your front car seats and you won’t hear a peep out of those kids for the entire car ride. The mobile video system not only allows kids to watch their favourite movies or TV shows, but it also lets them play games or connect the device to card readers or other USB devices. If you want the whole family to join in, attaching the device to the car’s sound system is easy.

  1. Wireless Router for the Car

Don’t you hate it when you’re on a road trip and you don’t have the internet? You might get GPS connection with your GPS unit, but it sure would be nice to be able to check your email or see how the game is playing out while you’re in the back seat stuck in a traffic jam.

There is now a wireless router for the car. This amazing gadget gives you the internet even when you’re on the road, and the connection is much more powerful than any smartphone. It’s great for road trips, train and bus rides and trips where you’re not sure there will be internet at your destination.

  1. Portable Humidifier

A lot of people swear by their humidifiers. They need them every night when they sleep to keep their airways clean and refreshed. A good humidifier can even keep colds and other flu bugs away. When you’re travelling, lugging your huge humidifier along with you usually isn’t an option. Now you can take a portable humidifier with you on trips. It goes right on top of any average sized water bottle and is small enough to fit inside your purse or bag. Fill up a plastic bottle with clean water, set the humidifier on top, plug it into a USB connection and you’re good to go!

  1. Device-Charging Laptop Bag

Don’t you hate it when you can’t charge your phone or laptop? You might be waiting at the airport or biding your time before a meeting or interview. Wherever you are, there never seems to be a charging station when you need one. Well, now you can simply carry your chargers with you. This new laptop bag has charging units for your laptop, smartphone and other devices hooked right inside. Charge while you drive, walk or travel on public transportation!

  1. The SteriPEN

This ones for the climbers and the hikers, but it’s also for those travelling to far off lands where the water might not be potable. The SteriPEN uses a stream of ultraviolet light rays to clean almost any type of water. There’s no more worrying about wreaking havoc on your poor digestive track. The SteriPEN will get rid of the germs and give you clean drinking water in a matter of minutes. All you need is the device and a few AA batteries and you’re set to go.

  1. Sleep Headphones

Lastly, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to tune out the world with some lovely melodies and lay down to sleep without having some hard, plastic earphones poking into your head? You can have a soft and pleasant sleep while still listening to your favourite songs with the Sleep Headphones. These headphones are wireless and fit into a comfortable, felt lined headband that you can wear around your head. Simply fit the headband around your ears and lay your head down. You won’t even notice you have headphones on!


  1. Great tips


    Why not occasionally simply leave all the gizmo behind, travel light, and have some peace on that off road expedition?

    We should all try this ethereal peace sporadically, sometime…

  2. I think the steripen is a must even when travelling light. I like the tips though

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