The Google I/O event would be happening soon – this May to be precise. One the high points of that event would be the official

Seven (7) new features in Android 7 Nougat

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The Google I/O event would be happening soon – this May to be precise. One the high points of that event would be the official announcement of the next version of Android, named Android 7 Nougat. But we already have details of the features of the update. Here are 7 key features that this new Android version brings to the table:

Android 7 Nougat

This is Android 7 Nougat

  1. Multi-window Mode
    Samsung Galaxy Note series have been enjoying this feature for years. It is also possible to get a half baked multi-window support using an Xposed module, but that is nothing compared to official support. A Google engineer with the Pixel C team has confirmed that “split screen is in the works”. So we should be expecting this in Android 7.0.
  2. Dark Themes finally
    It would interest you to know that Windows Phones and BlackBerry 10 has a dark theme feature, but Android doesn’t. The Dark Theme appeared temporarily in the Android M preview builds, but it vanished before the final official Marshmallow release. We hope they restore this feature this time around. Android-Dark-Theme
  3. Better tablet supportThere has always been a major complain with Android tablets. The app experience there is just awful. With Android 7.0, we expect a real push for tablet-optimized apps instead of the bloated phone apps.
  4. Stock Stylus support
    Currently, only a few Android devices currently support the use of stylus pens, but this might soon be a thing of the past. Samsung has recently hinted at removing the SPen features for her Look API. This could mean that Google will make it an official feature, just like the finger print support of Android Marshmallow.
  5. ChromeOS integration
    There have been rumours that Google wants to merge Android and Chrome OS into one. Maybe we might see some of its implementation in Android N.
  6. A new messaging app
    For sometime now, Google has been working on a new messaging platform called Rich Communications Services (RCS). The platform allows for much more than talk and text , it also supports video chat, file sharing and instant messaging. A replacement for Hangouts might just be in the cards. It’s now a question of whether or not Google will implement it in Android 7.0.
  7. Better Battery Optimization
    This is one aspect of the operating system that cannot be overlooked. We expect Google to further improve the Battery Saver mode wit better and deeper optimizations. The Doze can be improved to work more like Greenify.

Some of the above listed feature might not end up seeing the light of day, but we’re pretty sure most of them will surface, come the launch of the next Android version.

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