7 reasons why your car won’t start

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If you turn the ignition and your car engine won’t start, there could be a number of reasons for this. But most of them fall under the following two categories: 1) the engine doesn’t crank at all, or 2) the engine cranks but doesn’t run. Let’s point out what to look for in each scenario.

The engine doesn’t crank at all

  1. Check the battery. If the engine does not crank at all, you may have a dead battery in your hands. You can get it going with a jump start. You will certainly need to charge the battery or replace it though.
  2. Check the electrical connections. A battery head may be loose. A cable may be broken or disconnected. A fuse may be burnt.
  3. Dead starter. If the car starter is dead, the engine will not crank either. You will need a qualified person to have a look at this.

The engine cranks but does not start

In this case, you will almost certainly need a qualified person to determine what is the problem. Here are the possible reasons:

  1. Check the fuel pump. If the fuel pump is faulty and not pushing adequate supply of fuel to the engine, this may happen.
  2. Check fuel line. The fuel line may be clogged up or broken.
  3. Check plugs. If your plugs are dead, they will need replacement
  4. Water in your engine. If water got in your engine, then it may crank but not start.

There are other possible reasons why your car may not start, but these are common ones that are easy for you to understand. Except you are deep into car engines and how they work, those the other reasons not listed here might as well be alien language to you.

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