It’s a New Year, bringing new hope, aspirations and hopefully innovations. This is another time to be boogled by new tech stuff. Trust me, this

7 things we expect to see in 2016 : The rise of Nokia, Chinese takeover and more

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It’s a New Year, bringing new hope, aspirations and hopefully innovations. This is another time to be boogled by new tech stuff. Trust me, this year will be awesome. We’re expecting lots of things to happen. But then, not forgetting the volatile nature of mobile tech. Expect lots of surprises too.
Below is a list of major things we expect to happen this year. Read and tell us if it’s vague dreams, or unnecessary speculations.

1.) Nokia rises from the ashes
It’s no longer news that Nokia has been in hibernation mode for quite a while now. Visibly restrained by the terms of their agreement with Microsoft. The later recently wrote off the acquisition -in simpler terms, Nokia was set free. Hence, the new CEO confirmed the company is getting back to making phones. We can’t wait to see the next product coming from Nokia this year.

2.) Chinese smartphone takeover
If you never knew this before, or just hearing it for the first time, then hear it now : 3 out of the top 5 smartphone makers are Chinese brands. Now, let that sink in. Believe it or not, the smartphone industry is literaly owned by the Chinese – directly or indirectly. There are already thousands of brands making Android (smartphones) device, and we expect this to even surge higher in 2016.

3.) More ‘Smarter’ devices
Last year we got to see many new ‘smart’ devices announced. Though we really doubt these devices were flying off shelves, but we know this wont stop more from coming. Last year, we saw a smart, connected refrigerator, smart scales, smart mirrors, smart belt, and even smart baby feeding bottles. This year we expect to see even more, say smart shovel or smart toilet 😆

4.) Better flagships
This year, we’re expecting a whole glut of brand new and spanking devices, but then the major focus will go to the flagship devices. By this we mean the Samsung Galaxy S7, iPhone 7 (& 7 Plus) and the LG G5. The Galaxy S7 is reportedly coming in 3 sizes – 5.1″, 5.5″, and 6″, also carrying the 3D Touch feature the last iPhones came with. The iPhone 7 is rumored to be water proof, and I heard it will carry no earphone jack.

As for the LG G5, they say it will have a secondary screen just like the V10 model and a whole lot more upgrades in specs. Sit tight guys, this year, we go see something 😛

5.) Higher Mobile Penetration

Nigeria as we know it, isn’t a smartphone domain. The highest concentration of smartphones and smartphone usage are seen only in the mega cities like Abuja, Lagos and Port-Harcourt (then maybe university campuses). These aside, a lot more people are yet to taste a smart phone. The last statistical results from NCC states that Nigeria now has 92 million “mobile’ internet users. We expect that to rise this year – crossing the 100 million mark and maybe more. We know this translates to more traffic for 😀

6.) More exits or a merger?

Asides Apple and maybe more recently, Samsung, the mobile phone market isn’t so profitable for many manufacturers. In 2015 we heard many stories of losses in millions, structural changes, cutting costs, sacking staffs, leaner portfolio, and all that sort of English. So what happens next? We might get to see these “smaller” units merge to become a greater force, or fizzle out into oblivion.

7.) More Surprises!!

Despite all the bru ha ha. We’re hoping to be wowed this 2016. Yes. We know something big is coming. For instance, the next iPhone might come priced at $100 dollars, or we see one Chinese brand bring up one solid speceed device for dirt cheap price.

That’s a brief of what we’re expecting to see this year, Now over to you.



  1. I don’t really expect to see any smaller phone manufacturers merging. As it is, I can see the likes of Xiaomi will go for a bigger share of the pie outside of Europe and North America. As it is Ulephone, Elephone, Doogee, Umi etc are out there, so I don’t see the smaller companies disappearing any time soon. In fact, very much the opposite. Don’t be surprised if you see names appear and disappear once they’ve made their money.

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