For those who jump and act like fingerprint sensors on a smartphone are the best thing since sliced bread, here is a real life story

7-year old hacks smartphone fingerprint security

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fingerprint sensor

For those who jump and act like fingerprint sensors on a smartphone are the best thing since sliced bread, here is a real life story of how porous it can be:

Easy peasy! Very easy to crack. Yes; Matthew needs to go back to passwords.


  1. Seriously?
    This is a topical issue and I’m disappointed with the levity in which it is handled.

    Honestly sometimes I’m amazed by the thinking of Mobility writers. See, I love the enthusiasm I’ve found here but it seems this site is just a tech rumour and gossiping site. I won’t mention names but some of the staff writers really impress me. However, the lack of research and the very short articles simply implies zero editorial scrutiny or that they just write on impulse with no basis for putting out things to its audience. The essence of a site like this is to give the public tech reviews and news so that they can make an informed decision when purchasing a tech item, usage of that item or just what’s in vogue among other things. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening here.

    This comment isn’t really about this article alone but it’s addressing a general trend I’ve noti here. It’s obvious that this site favours windows and any other phone the owner of the site uses (except other staff writers). The author claimed he has owned over 120 Phones but it marvels me how he has chose to bias his writing and again his depth of analysis on his articles questions if he was just an ‘owner’ as he stipulated or an actual ‘user’ of those phones. Don’t get me wrong, I love his sense of humour but that alone won’t get the job done. I don’t think I have ever come across a full review of any device on this site, instead we get impulse feature gist saying how good the camera is without any functional testing or comparison with other phones to see how they stack up.

    I usually come here to read gists, rumours, editorial fantasies, flash news etc. Many other Nigerian sites give more indepth tech news, analysis and device review for example TechCabal and Techsuplex just to mention a few.

    I really believe you guys can make it happen here that’s why I always come back.

  2. Mr/Mrs/Ms NNG,

    You have ranted many times along these lines. Usually, I just ignore you. This time, I think it is a good idea to reply you for purposes of clarity. I shall ignore a lot of the things you said except for the stuff that I consider truly worthy of a response.

    First, does not pretend to cater to the core techie end of the market. Mobility will remain consumer-focused – lighthearted and easy to read while sharing practical, everyday information. For in-depth, core techie stuff, do look elsewhere. We appreciate your comments, but we have no apologies about what we stand for and how we approach things. Many of our readers enjoy what we are and keep appreciating how we are able to make tech stuff easy for them to comprehend. Our target audience are quite happy with us.

    Here are two things you can do:

    1. You mentioned that there are many other tech blogs that do the sort of indepth stuff that you like. One option is to spend more time at those blogs (and be sure to spend as much time praising them as you do venting here), and spend less time here.

    2. You also mentioned enjoying certain writers here more than others. Simply read only those writers. Each writer has an author link, if you hover your mouse over their name. For example, Elroy: is Do pick the writers who meet your needs and read them only.

    Let me repeat for clarity: our focus and approach is very deliberate. We are not a core techie blog. We have never been. We will never be. We will do our best to inform and help everyday mobile users without becoming incomprehensible to them with core techie stuff. This is a blog more suited to the non-tech crowd.

    Your comments are well appreciated though and hopefully have provided an opportunity for us to re-state our focus. Cheers.

    PS: This statement of yours though:

    I don’t think I have ever come across a full review of any device on this site, instead we get impulse feature gist saying how good the camera is without any functional testing or comparison with other phones to see how they stack up.

    Now, I am ROTFL. That is absolutely hilarious. I shall let others take it up from here. I am still laughing over that one.

  3. I have to agree with the OP on some of his assertions, especially your preference for Nokia devices. I believe you should be neutral when it comes to appraising devices. Your opinion about the Nokia lumia range played a very critical role in my choosing a Lumia 630 over a Sony Xperia M when I wanted a dual sim backup phone. A decision I regret to date.
    And, ehm….. I think your response to the OP was rather harsh.

  4. Na wa oo, Mr Mo has given NNG the required response, I even think Mobility does more of Android reviews that any other OS. If you also own a phone you would like Mobility writers to review, just imply pass it on to them and GBAM!! they’d be glad to do so.

    Every tech blog or rather every business has a unique audience and target market, if you don’t fall in target market of, then I think it’s not too much to carve your niche elsewhere.

    I’m friends and have met the brightest minds here on Mobility Blog.
    So I’m not so sure if NNG’s rant is personal or not.

  5. Ambrose,

    Every human has personal preferences. I grew up in the Nokia era and have owned some awesome Nokia phones, so yes I have a thing for them. What you won’t find me doing in my reviews is let my personal preference keep me from gushing over awesome devices from other brands. I have rave reviews for Samsung, Huawei, BlackBerry, Pliris Mobile, Orbra, Infinix, Sony, Innjoo, SOLO, TECNO and other brands. It is why multiple brands trust me enough to put their devices in my hands for review. Year after year, those non-Nokia brands have expressed satisfaction that I have not been partisan in my reviews.

    Here on Mobility blog and elsewhere, I have never recommended one brand above another in a blanket way. Each phone has its strengths and weaknesses. I try to be fair in addressing those issues.

    If my response to NNG was harsh, it is about time. It is distasteful when someone else consistently tries to rubbish your (very good) work because you are not fitting yourself into the mold that they want you to fit in. It is a big and diverse world. He wants Mobility Blog to be like other tech blogs. No, sir. I will not conform. Why should we be like everyone else? I think my response was rather mild considering that he has been posting this sort of thing for a long time.

    PS: Sad about your experience with the Lumia 630. It is a superb phone, but is clearly not your thing. Many others have purchased one and they speak glowingly of it. Many people swear by the iPhone, but I find it frustrating to use. That doesn’t mean the iPhone is bad. As said before, we all have our personal preferences.

    Cheers, pal! Good to read from you.

  6. After 6 years of successful blogging, someone comes and says the blog never existed to his whims. Who cares?

    Don’t get it twisted, I’ve been a fan for years and have some posts on here that I dislike or just find irritable to my thinking lab. However, it’s the writer’s view and not mine. Regardless, I find 99.9% of the posts here informative.

    If you find a post here persuasive towards a particular brand, everything still becomes subject to your choice (decision in disguise).

    By the way, the motive of the blog is determined by the grand admin and so many people have found themselves finely blended to the system i.e we love what we read. If I want core and undiluted info, I have official websites and youtube channels swimming freely in my aquarium of links.

    this turns to be about some personal beef;

    I’ll still take sides with Mr Mo and his crew because he’s my Daddy in the Lord.

    THE END.

  7. Mr Mo’s response is on point. People shd stop ds habit of wanting others to conform to their mold.

    Keep up the good work you are doing sir @Mr Mobility.

  8. Thanks for responding in a typical way to my rants and venting.
    Just so we’re clear, I don’t have any issue with Mr Mobility, I don’t even know him. I actually think he’s a nice guy and a friendly person hence my surprise.
    Just because you’ve been doing this for six years doesn’t mean you can’t do it better. Just because the criticism is external doesn’t mean it isn’t valid. If you’ve been doing this for six years, it is possible not to have come this far. It is also possible you could have been better. It’s none of my business by the way. It’s your site and you should run it the way you please. Noted.
    I’m not running you down if you feel so but it’s obvious you prefer me not to even mention a thing about things I see here.
    It’s also obvious that you prefer praises every time even when one of readers feel otherwise. You took my constructive criticisms as insults to your sensibilities, hence your response.

  9. I think i hav to go with NNG on this one…this is more of a windows phone blog than a Tech blog.

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