Safer Internet Day: Tech giants help to raise awareness of online safety

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Yesterday was Safer Internet Day, guys. Almost everyone uses the internet these days; and while using the internet, the chances of running into inappropriate content are unbelievably high. Children are especially vulnerable; a huge number of children all over the world have some form of access to the internet. There, they post selfies, chat with friends, meet new people, and so on. The “meeting new people” part is what gets people worried. On the internet, there are loads of sites that promote questionable content. We hear tales of online harassment, identity theft, cyberbullying, and so on. In a perfect world, these things should not exist in the same world as our children.

Safer Internet Day is a celebration that aims to promote the safe, responsible and positive use of the Internet and digital technology for kids and young people in general. It was organized by the UK Safer Internet Centre, and it was predicted that more than 100 countries all over the world would take part in the celebration. Safer Internet Day is an admirable development. We can only do so much to keep children safe online; worse, we don’t even understand what they are saying online! Yes, that’s a fact; an online poll taken in the UK has revealed it all. Parents find it hard to keep track of their kids’ constantly evolving online language.

All over the world, tech giants have undertaken efforts to spread awareness of the idea of a safe online experience. For example, Google is campaigning to include Internet Safety as part of the curriculum in schools in India. Currently, they have entered discussions with schools in 5 states there. This would be a great achievement if India approves it. Internet Safety is a topic that every young person should learn. Incidences of online harassment, cyberbullying or trolling have caused a lot of problems. Let’s not even get into the porn.

Facebook too has made efforts to make the internet a safer and better place. The social media giant is partnering with public sector agencies from all over Africa to achieve this dream. Hey are also providing financial and marketing support for these agencies to use in raising awareness about online safety.

While we are at it, it makes sense for us to be conscious of our online safety. Therese Laux of AIM Brain Exchange stated that “we have to POP the bubble around internet safety”. POP is an acronym for Passwords, Operating system and Proactive. These are the things we should be conscious of on the internet. Passwords have to be complex enough. Operating systems should be up to date. Also,we should be proactive with the latest updates in the tech world.


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