767: A review of Lagos State’s toll–free emergency number

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Lagos emergency line 767

The three-digit Lagos State toll-free emergency number, 767, is a 24/7 help number that has been active for some years now. The idea is that anyone in an emergency can call 767 free of charge from any mobile number to request for police, medical, rescue, or fire service assistance. The toll-free nature of the service was made possible with the collaboration of GSM operators.

I have had cause to use the service several times, and except for one occasion, all my calls have gone through at first dial. The operators appear to be well trained, asking clear questions about the situation on ground and assuring me that help would be on the way.

Important Info

When calling 767, have as much information about the situation on ground. For example, I once called in a car accident in which someone was in critical state. I was asked to provide the name of my location e.g. road name, as well as nearest bus-stop and landmark to enable help arrive in the shortest possible time.

Every time that I have reported a situation, help did come and usually between 15 and 30 minutes, depending on location and situation.

Call clarity was quite good too, such that in high-risk security situations, one is able to speak quietly into the phone. Of course, call quality is also dependent on other factors, like the callers network, device in use, and the weather. I advice that you store the number in speed dial or favourite, so you don’t have to hunt through your contacts in an emergency.

Don’t forget: the emergency number is available 24 hours every day and is free of charge, so you do not need to have airtime (credit) on your line to use it. Also, remember that it is a bad idea to call the line if you do not have an emergency. You may be clogging up the channel and perhaps keeping someone with a real emergency from getting help quickly.

PS: An alternative toll-free number to dial in an emergency in Lagos is 112. I do not remember having ever used it though, as 767 has worked well for me.

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