8 Best Cloud Storage Solutions for Students: Accessing Files on the Go

Learning has become extremely fast-paced. With the combination of virtual and traditional learning environments, students need accessible and fast storage solutions. 

Cloud storage apps allow students to collect and share information across all devices from any location. This new way of managing learning materials offers a seamless way for students to keep all their files, from research papers to lecture notes, in one place. Online resources are indispensable. Students can even streamline their academic workload with essay writer help. Such assistance, in combination with reliable cloud storage solutions, allows students to have their educational resources on the go. 

If you’re looking for a good cloud app that can be used for education, here are our top eight picks. 

cloud storage solutions for students
  1. Google Drive: A Versatile Choice for Students

When it comes to easy-to-use and versatile cloud storage solutions, Google Drive is one of the top choices among students. It’s fast, can be used across different devices, and has free plans. No wonder Google Drive is a staple for students. Besides, its integration with the Google ecosystem, including Gmail and Google Classroom, makes it even better for academic purposes. As for design, the interface of the app is intuitive. You can store anything from your essays to big multimedia projects.

Main Benefits

  • 15GB of free storage, which is enough for the majority of academic purposes;
  • Easy sharing and the possibility of real-time collaboration with peers;
  • Integration with Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides;
  • Android and iOS availability;
  • Safety and privacy.

This blend of generous storage capacity, ease of use, and robust collaboration features make Google Drive an excellent choice for students. It will simplify your college life. You’ll be able to access and work with your file at any time. So, if you’re frequently on the move, don’t hesitate to grab this app. Don’t worry; your data will be safe with the strong security measures of Google. 

  1. Dropbox: Streamlined and User-Friendly

Simplicity and efficiency — what else could you possibly need from a cloud storage solution? Dropbox is the service that combines these two features. Aside from that, it’s straightforward. So you won’t need to waste time figuring out how to use it. You’ll manage even if you’re not particularly tech-savvy.

Main Benefits

  • Ease of use;
  • Automatic updates across all devices; 
  • File recovery feature;
  • Offline access to files;
  • Easy sharing.

Dropbox is pretty versatile. It will even allow you to store large files if you work on video projects or have a lot of research data collected. It is, hands down, a powerful cloud storage solution. Besides, with offline features and the possibility to recover files, it’s ideal for managing your academic files. You’ll never lose your essay progress again. 

  1. Microsoft OneDrive: Integrated with Office Tools

You’ve probably used Microsoft Office tools like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Yet, not all students know that the company offers a decent cloud storage solution as well. Microsoft OneDrive is an app with a seamless experience and direct integration with Office 365. You can use it to handle your projects, especially writing and research assignments. 

Main Benefits

  • Seamless integration with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint;
  • 5GB of free storage;
  • Photo backup;
  • Security features like a personal vault;
  • Accessible on both Android and iOS.

Microsoft OneDrive is a top choice if you rely on other Microsoft services in your tasks because you’ll be able to streamline your entire academic workflow. The Office 365 integration can save you time as you’ll get a unified experience. This, in addition to strong security features, makes Microsoft OneDrive a reliable solution for students. 

  1. iCloud Drive: Ideal for Apple Users

Apple users have a perfect built-in cloud service. iCloud functions as part of the Apple ecosystem, so you won’t need to worry about installation or syncing processes. It’s seamless. It’s easy. It’s a choice that comes naturally. All users get 5GB of storage for free. It will cost you only $0.99 to increase it to 50GB and $2.99 to make it 200GB. This is more than affordable even for a student budget. Besides, you’ll be able to use it for your photos and other personal files as well. 

Main Benefits

  • Seamless integration with all Apple devices;
  • Syncs with multiple Apple Apps;
  • Affordability;
  • 5GB of free storage;
  • Robust security.

Whether you use your iPhone, iPad, Mac, or all three at the same time, file management will be a breeze. In addition to effortless syncing, you can also use it with other productivity apps for learning. Basically, iCloud created a unified system for you. 

  1. Box: Secure and Professional

Students like Box for its security. If your academic research contains sensitive information and if you want to keep your academic records protected, this is a reliable choice for you. Despite this professional-level security, the app still integrates well with other software to serve you for different learning purposes.

Main Benefits

  • Protection of sensitive data;
  • 10GB of free storage;
  • Cloud-based collaboration tools;
  • Works with Office 365 and Google Workspace;
  • Easy to manage files. 

Box is secure and versatile. With its emphasis on security, the app has become the top choice for student researchers. Besides, since you can easily integrate it with other productivity tools, Box turns into a multi-functional study companion. Despite all these advanced features, Box continues to be easy to navigate and manage. You can use its free version or upgrade to get more flexibility and features. Yet, even with a free plan, it can still serve you for note-taking and project management.

  1. Sync.com: Privacy-Focused and Efficient

The app that is rapidly gaining popularity among students is Sync.com. It is efficient and productive in file management with a strong security foundation. Its end-to-end encryption is a standout feature. Yet, the advantages of Sync.com go beyond that. With this tool, you’ll be sure your files are protected from unauthorized access. At the same time, the app is easy to manage due to its user-friendly interface. You’ll have no problem organizing your files or sharing them with other students or professors.

Main Benefits

  • End-to-end encryption;
  • 5GB of free storage;
  • Secure file sharing with peers and professors;
  • Automatic backup for your files;
  • Offline access. 

Sync.com is an excellent option for students. It works well with both storing individual files and working on group projects together with peers. The app will automatically back up your files, making sure you never lose your progress working on your academic tasks. Besides, you can access your files even offline. So, in case of connectivity issues, you’ll still be able to get your files if you need them for classes right now. 

  1. pCloud: Spacious and Customizable

pCloud was designed to adjust to your needs. You can use it for any type of file and use a built-in player for easier work. The app is perfect for handling large projects. So, if you’re engaged in extensive research or have big creative projects, it will be a good choice for you. The storage is spacious and offers 10GB for free. Yet, you can also upgrade and get even more storage at affordable prices. There’s even a lifetime plan. 

Main Benefits

  • 10GB of free storage, with affordable upgrade options for a student budget;
  • Availability of lifetime storage plans;
  • Built-in player for streaming your files directly from the cloud;
  • Access to previous versions of files for a month;
  • Shared folders for collaboration.

pCloud has an intuitive interface and flexible file management capabilities. It is also appealing for its multimedia support. If you need an affordable tool that can service various needs, combining ample space and flexibility, pCloud is for you. 

  1. Tresorit: Secure and Professional Cloud Storage

If you’re looking for something more professional, Tresorit will be the right choice for you. It’s gained recognition among users for high-security standards. If you work on complex and confidential research projects or if you combine learning and running your own business, this cloud storage solution is particularly suitable. Indeed, the key advantage of Tresorit and its main selling point is security. The app employs end-to-end encryption to protect your data. But don’t worry. Despite these professional-grade security measures, the tool remains easy to use for any average user.

Main Benefits

  • Security prioritized;
  • 5GB of free storage;
  • Easy and safe file sharing;
  • The app doesn’t access users’ files;
  • Numerous settings to control the visibility of your files. 

As you can see, security isn’t the only benefit of Tresorit. It has other strong advantages that make it suitable for students, including the availability of free storage, ease of use and sharing, and numerous features that allow you to protect and control your files when collaborating with others. Tresorit is both convenient and reliable. We highly recommend it for students engaged in collaborative projects or handling sensitive data.


Cloud storage solutions are indispensable in modern academic settings. They allow easy access to information and ensure the safety of your files. You can keep all your learning materials, including essays, research papers, and theses from the best dissertation writing service, safe and secure. You’ll always have them ready for you to use on all your devices. This accessibility is crucial if you’re often on the move or want to travel and study at the same time.

To pick the right cloud storage app for you, pay attention to the main features and benefits of each app. Think about what you value most, like free storage, security, ease of use, customization, etc. Our overview will help you make the right choice. Cloud storage solutions will make your learning more organized and efficient. So, if you want to be more productive in your file management, pick your cloud storage today. 

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