8-core Chipset Now Available To PlirisMobile

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MediaTek chipset

Recently, an 8core Chipset was made available to @PlirisMobile…. A few (extremely few) developers are developing apps that support features found in 8core Chips..

The chip in question enables all eight cores to work simultaneously and supports up to 16-megapixel cameras with Ultra-HD support on the H.264 spec.

In addition to its higher power and stronger performance, the Octa-Core Chip should deliver longer battery life as it uses the eight cores to reduce power consumption (cutting power consumption to as low as 50 percent of the current needs of high-end chips already on the market).

But enh…..

Is this what the customer wants? More power and no Full-throttle apps?

Our present 4core Turbo charged processor already cuts power consumption and delivers tremendous processing capabilities that will conveniently and satisfactorily serve mobile users in this part of the world (with affordability in mind)…

Anyway…. Follow @plirismobile on twitter and Facebook on this journey…
Designing services (hardware too na service 🙂 ) for the African Market…

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