85% of Microsoft Mobile Nigeria team laid off

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Satya Nadella Microsoft

In very bad news, The Punch reports that Microsoft Mobile Nigeria, part of the unit that the Redmond corporation acquired from Nokia, has let go of 34 out of the 40 workers that make up the team. That’s 85% of the team.

The downsizing is part of the global layoff of workers that Microsoft had announced earlier. Our hearts go to the affected members. We have great memories of them from the Nokia glory days and trust that they will shine elsewhere.



  1. So in effect they’ve released staff that were TUPEd over from Nokia. I’m sure they’ll get a decent payout but sadly it was inevitable.

    I’m curious as to the roles of the six staff remaining and what that means for Microsoft Mobile in Nigeria.

  2. Layoffs, operational downsizing, shutdowns almost every where you look.

    Even well established companies are not spared .

    Sharp abandons the TV market in the Americas…

    Qualcomm plans to cut costs and lay of 15% of its staff..

    The Wall Street Journal is laying off a ton of staff to focus on digital

    Nigerian Jobs At Risk As Shell Sacks 6,500, Slashes Capital Spending

    The times, they are a_scary!!

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