9 new ways you can speak to your phone using Google Now

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Google Now is the popular digital assistant among Android users. If you own an Android device, it’s very likely this app is lying somewhere, and you’ve never touched it. Open the app and say “Ok Google” and you’re on a highway to accessing any kind of info you want, without even touching your device.


Last month, Google updated the app to work offline. Now they have added 9 new commands to further allow users do perform more functions on their phones and tablets. Below is a list of the new commands you can perform:

  1. Turn on/off WiFi and Bluetooth: This automatically happens when you say “turn WiFi off” or “turn WiFi on”. Works also for Bluetooth.
  2. Take a picture or video: Say “open camera” to launch the camera app or , “record a video” to launch your camera in video mode. Saying “take a photo” brings up a list of your installed apps capable of taking snaps.
  3. Turn on/off Flashlight: Simply say “turn flashlight on” or “turn flashlight off” and the Google Now app responds.
  4. Launching apps/websites: Once you say “open…” followed by the name of the app, the app is opened. You can also try this for websites, just say the url.
  5. By saying “call…” or “text…” followed by the name of one of your contacts, you can easily get across to someone.
  6. Reading out your messages: When you say “read my messages”,your last five incoming SMS messages are shown on screen. From here, other voice commands can then be used to read them aloud or reply to them. You can also preview your messages by saying “show my messages”.
  7. Setting alarms: By telling Google Now, “set an alarm”, you can set something like a wake up call. Cool isn’t it?
  8. Changing brightness or volume change: This is one command that currently doesn’t work automatically. Mentioning any such words like “mute volume” or “lower brightness” takes you to the Settings page where the changes can be made.
  9. Play Music: Saying commands like “play music” opens the Google Play Music app. If you also say “play music in…” and mention any music app (you have installed) it opens, but the music won’t play automatically.

Now you see the various new ways you can take advantage of Google Now to get the best out of your devices. Please note this: All the new tricks work with the latest version of Google Now. Go to Play Store and update yours or click HERE.

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