90% of iOS devices now run on iOS 7

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Recent satatistics coming from Appleā€™s Developer Webpage reveal that 90% of iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad, iPodTouch) are now running iOS 7, months after its release to the general public, making it the fastest adopted OS to date.

The current statistics show that the number of iOS devices running the OS version is up by 3% since April. They measured the iOS 7 adoption rate through their App store within a seven day period. However, 9% of iOS users are still using iOS 6 while 2% are using iOS 5 and below. With iOS 8 about to drop with new technological features like the Home Kit for Smart Home support and Health Kit, the days of iOS 7 might as well be numbered.

In comparison with Android, just 17.9% of Android users have adopted the Android 4.4 KitKat which is quite low being that there are more Android devices out there compared to iOS Devices.

  1. this is as a result of Apple’s hardware and software control (no fragmentation) plus their clout to bypass carriers for updates. essentially the only devices that are sort of the same are Google’s Nexus line and that’s why 90% of (supported) Nexus devices are on KitKat. if WindowsPhone gains market share, Lumias could follow this

  2. @Oluseyi I think you really meant to say was that “the days of iOS6 are numbered” as opposed to iOS7? I’m sure there are devices eg iPhone 4, that may not qualify for iOS8.

    This is the model that Windows Phone would like to adopt, than leaving it to the carrier. Interesting enough, once Apple announce the roll out of an update, it is distributed according to region but pretty much almost simultaneously all iOS users get the update.

    I don’t think you can really compare Android to this as the majority of the time software updates have to go through the hands of both the manufacturer and the carrier.

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