Earlier today, popular Nigerian artiste, 9ice, took to Twitter to demand that blogs stop uploading his music for download without his permission. Here are a

I Am With 9ice In This Intellectual Property War

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Earlier today, popular Nigerian artiste, 9ice, took to Twitter to demand that blogs stop uploading his music for download without his permission. Here are a few of his tweets:

I am with 9ice on this. The blogs involved in this practice are leeches.

It is time to take intellectual property rights serious. There are too many bloggers just doing what they want with the works of others. 9ice is absolutely within his moral and legal rights to demand that no-one uses his works without his permission. This is a battle that I keep fighting too here at Mobility.ng. I write a unique article, and another blog or a newspaper lifts it word for word and publishes without my permission, benefiting from my labour and the traffic that it generates for them without any benefits to me. That is just robbery. Pure daylight robbery.

I have unleashed a lawyer on a newspaper that did this some months back. I know a handful of blogs and sites that still do it. I have contacted them privately and they have still refused to stop the practice. When I am tired of playing nice (no pun intended), I will take them on the hard way. Here is my message again: Stop lifting my materials without my permission.

Two things are involved in this constant violation of intellectual property rights:

  • 1: the desire of many bloggers to milk everyone and everything possible without engaging in any work of creativity themselves. Despicable.
  • 2: the desire of consumers to have everything possible for free. I call this absolute nonsense. If resources are involved in the creation or provision of something, we should not expect it to be free by default. Yes; exceptions are okay, but by default, no.

This reminds me of the issue of being asked to speak for free. Everyday, I sit at my laptop to churn out articles, reviews and other forms of mostly unique content – ALL MADE AVAILABLE TO THE PUBLIC FOR FREE here on Mobility.ng – and then event organisers ask me to come speak for free too. Because of kini? Please let me stay blogging at home if you won’t pay for my time and services. An unpopular stand, but my stand all the same. This desire for free will kill everybody soon.

Many of our bloggers need to quit or go find ways to get really creative and stop leeching. I hope that 9ice stands his ground. This nonsense has gone on for too long.


  1. I think I should weigh in here.

    Some totally random background.

    Our music industry has grown so much in the last decade.
    Internet penetration has improved in Nigeria too.
    Music industry, like the other aspects of entertainment rely HEAVILY on hype and publicity.
    Moving from cassettes to mp3s made Music widely distributable to millions around the world in minutes.
    Cell phones(the default music player) most of which can play mp3s are commonplace in Nigeria.
    One can own a blog within few minutes with a few clicks.
    Before mp3s and bloggers, Alaba reigned supreme.
    There’s a music distribution company called spinlet in Nigeria now trying to address the mess called Music distribution in Nigeria.

    I followed 9ice’s demands with the resulting fallout on twitter.

    My submissions:

    9ice was totally right to demand that blogs should stop uploading his music (intellectual property) without his permission.
    I totally support him.


    Music relies majorly on hype, what will make you buy the debut album of a guy called, just for example, MachoMan? You’ve never heard of him, you don’t even know how he looks like. (Akin to why should I pay 2k to come and hear someone nobody has heard of speak?)

    These same blogs (some of them like NotJustOk) gave lots of up and coming artistes exposure to their very numerous followers who love music. So we should not castigate them totally.
    (Meanwhile some of the blogs have decided to charge new artistes now to upload their music – charging for the exposure)
    This is analogous to the artiste paying pirates to pirate his/her cassettes. (believe me, this actually happened)
    That’s another interesting angle to it.

    What of Radio stations? Hmmmm
    On paper they are supposed to pay royalties every time they play a track. But new artistes actually chase DJs and plead with them to give their tracks the much needed airplay and hype.

    9ice may be able to make such demands because of his status – he’s known already but new artistes don’t have that luxury.

    Music distribution in Nigeria still needs to be more structured.

    I intend to get the conversation going. Please weigh in…

  2. I totally agree with you on this! Intellectual property right should be taken seriously in this Country. If you don’t have the creativity and intellect to churn out interesting bits to handle a blog and pull traffic to it,then by all means ‘let well alone’ must you blog??? Olodos. Copy and paste word for word bloggers. 9ice should stand his grounds!Enough is enough! Take care MO.

  3. Abimbola has raised so many salient points… up there… drastically widening the discussion scope.

    I agree with him in_toto.

    He who wears the shoes knows where it pinches.

    I am really at a loss regarding this piracy or plagiarism thing, as it exists wherever the act is possible. Everywhere.

    Maybe it is tough reversing the trend (I am also guilty) , like trying to arrest corruption, but people with the gall to go judicial or make quality noise may just be that lone voicse in the wilderness. The voice may not go very far, but it is still audible and would hopefully effect some change, one day. Hopefully. .

    // That is just robbery. Pure daylight robbery.//

    Well, we are being robbed daily, at all levels (got an electricity bill thrice the usual withing a period I get to see light once a week. Am I not being robbed? ).

    It is good that a few courageous individuals attempt to tackle injustice…. from the bottom (since not much is being done, or can be done, from the top)

    Personally, I have given up on us. Great not all of us have done so, yet.

    (This issue of a lot of people having given up is evident in the number of comments we see when truly important issues, like there’s, are raised.

    We need prayers. Yeah. And I am not the religious type, too)

  4. Abimbola,

    Good points about hype. The question of hype seems easy to solve. Artistes can have short clips (teasers) of their songs distributed for use by bloggers on the condition that a link to a purchase point (in 9ice’s case, it seems, Spinlet) be included in the blog posts.

    Yes; upcoming artistes can give out full tracks for free for download. It is normal for new entrants in any field to do this by way of gaining traction.

    The point is this: all 9ice has demanded is that blogs do not upload his materials without permission. When a creator’s permission is sought, he is able to provide terms and conditions that will ensure that he does not lose out. That is the essence of intellectual property.

  5. Wait!!! He wants to sue right?

    Has anyone noticed the 9ice album cover art is similar to 7Eleven’s logo?

    Is that allowed? Is it legal? Isn’t that plagiarism?

    Please educate me.

  6. It’s why the Holy book said somewhere that he who is without sin should cast the first stone.

    9ice himself has probably, or is probably doing the same thing (directly or indirectly) that he is accusing others of doing. And, that’s why I said, he who wears the shoes knows where it pinches.

    Not that a thousand wrongs would make a right..

  7. He is indeed right to demand for ‘permissions to use his works’. Using or distributing other people’s work without their permission is ethically uncool..for corporate organisations, that is.

    For us individuals, well I guess we can share away like its nothing tho’

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