Mister Mo’s Internet struggles: 9mobile 3G versus Ntel 4G

This round of Mister Mo’s internet struggles has him setting up 9mobile 3G versus Ntel 4G, with very surprising results. Do read and share.

In my line of work, a reliable internet connection is important. But being based in Nigeria means that one can never 100% rely on a single internet service provider all the time. You need a backup and a backup fr that backup. Which is why I have a Smile SIM, Ntel SIM, 9mobile SIM, Glo SIM, MTN SIM, Spectranet SIM, and Airtel SIM. All seven (7) of them. If one fails, I always have a backup.

9mobile 3G versus Ntel 4G

The sad thing is that they have all failed at some point in time or the other. All of them. In recent times, Ntel has been my defacto internet connection. But things have fallen apart. In the last few weeks, I have had the most unreliable experience on Ntel 4G’s internet service.

The Ntel 4G connection won’t load many pages that I try to access. Sometimes, it will load them halfway – with the content but no formatting. Forget downloads. Painful. Even watching short video clips tend to be a painful experience now. My work began to suffer. So, I looked for a backup and the lot fell on 9mobile.

9mobile 3G versus Ntel 4G

So, I put my 9mobile SIM card in a phone, purchased a small plan to test it out and found – to my surprise – that it it is much more dependable than Ntel 4G. The shock. The horror. A 3G internet connection that is faster and more reliable than a 4G internet connection. The things I have seen in this life.

What Of 9mobile 3G?

“But wait”, you must be saying. “You just said 3G. What happened to 9mobile 4G?”

Good question. Actually, it was 9mobile 4G I used first. You know me. I want the fastest possible speed. But 9mobile 4G was very disappointing. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t any better than the Ntel 4G I sought to replace it with. For some weird reason, it occurred to me to switch to 3G. And voila! I got a much faster, more stable internet connection than both Ntel 4G and 9mobile 4G.

9mobile 3G To The Rescue

So, I have had to depend on 9mobile 3G. I keep trying Ntel 4G at intervals. It works fairly fine for brief periods and then becomes unreliable again. Then I switch back to 9mobile 3G. I am typing and publishing this on 9mobile 3G after Ntel 4G failed me again minutes ago.

What is the lesson behind this? That you rush to 9mobile 3G? You are on your own if you do that. The lessons are as follows:

  1. Always have a backup internet connection, or two, or three
  2. Find what works for you per time. No matter how wonderful one provider is to you right now, I promise you they will soon disappoint you. Have a backup. Yes; same as point one above.

For now, 9mobile 3G is bae for me. Tomorrow it may be Glo 4G. The following day may come and it is Smile 4G. One day, this pattern of poor service delivery will be a thing of the past and one will no longer need to keep a chain of backup SIM cards. One is not deranged after all.

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