1 GB for N200 9mobile data plan is now open to everyone

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9mobile has thrown open its special Ramadan offer that gives subscribers 1 GB for N200. Now, anyone with a 9mobile line can subscribe to the plan. This special 9mobile data plan comes with 3 days validity.

My opinion: 9mobile needs as many subscribers as possible to get on their network now and spend money regularly. A “pay small small” data plan of this kind is exactly what the doctor ordered to achieve that. Almost anyone can afford a N200 data plan. Hopefully, 9mobile will make this a permanent plan. And hopefully, their network has enough capacity to handle the volume.

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How To Subscribe for The 1 GB for N200 9mobile Data Plan

Ensure that you have enough on your line for the plan, then dial *929*10# to get activated. There is no data roll-over available for this plan, and there is a 3-day validity. You can dial *228# to check your data balance.

You can subscribe to the plan as much as 5 times at a go to get a total of 5 GB of data for N1,000. Note that validity is not extended for such multiple subscriptions. So, subscribing twice or 5 times at a go still gives you only 3 days validity.

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  1. “It is our understanding that you can subscribe to the plan as much as 5 times at a go to get a total of 5 GB of data for N1,000.”

    And there’ll still be no data roll-over? I think I’ll pass on this.

  2. Data roll-over should be included on this plan, so that subscribers can have more time to enjoy it. And like you said, hope they have the capacity to handle the pressure when a lots of subscribers opt-in.

  3. An update on this data plan. I am not getting any serious speeds with it. The speedtest results I have are in the range of 0.08
    Mbps download and 0.01 Mbps upload. And this is despite the fact that the SIM is locked to 4G.

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