Ding! 9mobile’s KwikCash now available to Glo subscribers

KwikCash is a service available exclusively to 9mobile subscribers. As such, it was a surprise when on the 29th of December, I got an SMS from KwikCash on my Glo line with instructions on how to get started. Are you thinking what I am thinking?


A service that is exclusive to 9mobile is now available to Glo subscribers. Meanwhile, we know that Glo is one of those that is being tipped to purchase 9mobile. Do you see where this is leading to?

Conspiracy theory

Conspiracy theorists will say that the Glo-9mobile deal has been sealed already and backend integration of this Jekyll and Hyde marriage is already going on.

Yes; that is what it smells like. But I didn’t say it. I only told you what conspiracy theorists would say. We await the public announcement of 9mobile’s new owners.

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