Windows Phone has had a hard time building significant market share in the global smartphone market. In recent times, along with smaller sales, its share

The most popular Windows Phone in 2016 is a 3-year old Lumia: Here are the implications

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Windows Phone has had a hard time building significant market share in the global smartphone market. In recent times, along with smaller sales, its share of the smartphone market has dropped even further. It is instructive to note that the best selling Windows Phone device that helped the platform grow in the years gone by was the Lumia 520. It sold so well that it quickly became the most popular Windows Phone 8 device in use. Here at Mobility Arena, we called it the true champion of Windows Phone OS.

In April 2015, the Lumia 535 overtook the Lumia 520 as the most popular Windows Phone, but the 520 took it back. According to AdDuplex, right now, the 520 has 12.9% share, followed by the 535 with 11.7%. As such, the Lumia 520 is the most widely used Windows Phone today.

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This won’t change the fact that Windows Phone is now struggling for life, having failed to turn its prospects into sales. Only 4.5 million Lumia devices were sold in Q4 2015, compared to 10.5 million at the previous year. That is over 50% drop in sales. Small wonder that a 3-year old smartphone remains the most widely used Windows Phone in 2016.

In the meantime, Microsoft Surface sales and revenue have been impressive, growing 29% over a year. Maybe it is time for Microsoft to give up on smartphone software and keep a focus on PC and Surface alone instead. Or just maybe the new flood of Windows 10 OEMs will help pull a surprise turnaround with Windows 10 Mobile.


  1. Nothing for windows abeg, the os is jes boring (not saying I said so)… Pikin wey dey cry dey see road, n now that the dust has settled and eyes can see clearly, windows phone OS is going down. Well except if win10 is better (haven’t seen it)

  2. With Lumia 550 on sale for 50k on Jumia, I don’t see Windows 10 bringing any magic turn around to already damned Windows mobile. In fact, I find it hard to understand the rationale behind Microsoft take over of Nokia mobile, they’re killing what is left of Nokia.

  3. With next to nothing quality Apps and developers not ready to play ball the Windows market is doomed,a boring OS coupled with Apps issues is a recipe for failure..

  4. Android has taken over, Blackberry is gone, Window is going, I hate IOS…….Android + Android + Another Android is becoming boring to me. Mobile world is becoming boring.

  5. Microsoft dropped the ball on this one – again. The 550 should be the successor to the 520 and inspire users to switch but bit at the price they’re selling it.

    A number of things have worked against Windows Phone, and Microsoft still has not learned a thing: the distance between talking about a device and releasing it (most stupid move they repeatedly keep doing), then pushing back the handsets release; the sporadic release of updates; and now, the delay in releasing Windows 10 Mobile by at LEAST 2 months.

    The market won’t wait, even if some of us are loyal. And for all of those 520 and 630 owners waiting for an update, the 550 price isn’t even remotely competitive like the pricing for the 520 was.

  6. patiently waiting for the rumored Surface Phone, if that one doesn’t stick, nothing will

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