HTC ChaCha first impressions and photos

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The HTC ChahCha is an Android smartphone with a hardware QWERTY keyboard that includes a Facebook button. As such, it was called “Facebook phone” in some quarters. I had a brief playtime with the HTC ChaCha Android smartphone last week. In this post, I share some vital statistics about the device and pictures that I took.

HTC ChaCha Quick Specs

Here are some quick specifications of this smartphone with a hardware QWERTY keyboard:

  • Released June 2011
  • 2.6 inch, 480 x 320 pixel, TFT capacitive touchscreen, with Gorilla Glass
  • Android OS, v2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 800 MHz processor
  • HTC Sense 2.1 UI
  • 512 MB RAM
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Wi-Fi hotspot
  • 5 MP, 2592 x 1944 pixels, autofocus, LED flash

In hand, the ChaCha gives the impression of a well-built device. It felt really sturdy. The QWERTY keyboard is very usable with large keys and good tactile feedback. I do think that the placement of the Facebook button is off though.

I also loved the user interface – lots of white space in a clean, elegant way.

Typical of HTC devices, audio reproduction was tinny. I did a comparison with the N8 for a few people present and the difference was as clear as night and day. If HTC’s reputation is anything to go by, I wouldn’t bet on the camera shining either. HTC has never stood out in the multimedia space. If interested in multimedia, you are better off with a Nokia, Apple, Sony Ericsson or Samsung device.

I enjoyed the short time that I spent with the ChaCha. It is a lovely QWERTY device. Here are some pictures:

HTC ChaCha

HTC ChaCha
The QWERTY keyboard feels good and works well
2011 09 12 063
The menu - clean. I am a sucker for clean, neat UIs with lots of white space
2011 09 12 062
Web browsing
2011 09 12 067
Music player on the HTC ChaCha. Tinny speakers spoil the experience.
2011 09 12 065
The camera interface
2011 09 12 061
The rear of the ChaCha

The ChaCha is in the same price range and class as the Nokia E6, another QWERTY candybar. Audio music quality apart, I’d take this one over the E6.


  1. Looks so cute..E6 is so ugly compared to it..but for me i’ll chose E6.. Cos ultimately its between symbian and android.

  2. “The ChaCha is in the same price range and class as the Nokia E6, another QWERTY candybar. Audio music quality apart, I’d take this one over the E6.”

    I’ve used the E6, and I tell you, it’s an awesome device. And also considering the cons you mentioned for the chacha, the E6 is my natural choice if I need to disagree between the two. However, that’s just my opinion.

    One thing to add though, the E6 has a higher resolution screen than the motorola device. In fact the E6 has the highest resolution and pixel count than any Nokia phone ever made!

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