A brief profile of Airtel, the 3rd largest mobile operator globally

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Airtel the smartphone network

Latest subscriber data from World Cellular Information Service (WCIS) places Bharti Airtel in the number 3 spot of mobile networks globally.

The global top three table looks like this:

1. China Mobile: 626 million subscribers.
2. Vodafone Group (UK): 403 million subscribers.
3. Bharti Airtel (India): 303 million subscribers.

A whopping 75% of Airtel’s subscriber base is from its Indian operation alone. That’s 228 million subscribers.

Airtel began operations in November 1995 in India and has grown to cover 20 countries with a strong footprint in Asia (3 countries) and Africa (17 countries). Airtel Nigeria has over 28 million subscribers and is the country’s 3rd largest mobile operator.


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  1. 3rd largest..and 2nd worst service after Glo…now that’s the important stats

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