A critical look at the Gionee Marathon M5

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The Gionee Marathon M5 is a smartphone that has generated a lot of interest. Any smartphone packing a 6,020 mAh battery and capable of charging other gadgets should generate that kind of interest.

I got the chance to play with one belonging to a friend earlier this year. It runs Android Lollipop with Gionee’s custom Amigo 3.1 user interface, has a large 5.4-inch display, has a 13MP rear camera and 5MP front camera, and it is 4G LTE enabled.

Gionee M5 Mobility

The M5 looks and feels like a solid device and good value for money. My friend thinks so too, and he seems quite happy with his unit. He says that, above all things, he is especially satisfied with the battery life. Personally, it is a smartphone I have considered for personal use because of the combination of dualSIM, 4G LTE and battery life. However, the size and weight is of some concern to me.


I’d love to have your thoughts about it though. You can check out the Gionee Marathon M5’s specifications so as to have a full picture of what the smartphone is about. What do you like about the phone and what are the issues you have with it? Do you see yourself using it as your everyday smartphone? Talk to me, people! Use the comments box below.


  1. It’s a great looking device,had it ordered from Konga but due to delays I had to cancel the order,I especially liked the AMOLED and battery combo..

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