A discussion with a non techy, techy woman.

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Note: This post is VERY lengthy. Bear with me as this was an entire discussion that i wanted to share. Thanks and Enjoy!

I was on a flight recently and me and the lady near me; Anna, started a dicussion all spiked by the fact that we both use Android devices. She had an HTC Android device with me having a Samsung Android device.

Our discussion spanned different parts of the technology industry with her asking me some prominent questions like:

What happened to Nokia?

Why didn’t they innovate?

Why didn’t they use Android?.”

I explained the whole saga about platforms, operating systems and hardware manufacturers. She said that she was a long time Nokia fan and that she cannot use a Nokia at least for now. That was when she asked me that do i know the Inye 2 tablet.

I answered yes with the Inye 2 being a tablet offered by Saheed Adepoju, a Nigerian. I told her about other Nigerian tablets like the Vantium, the Bamboo and the Ovim+ as those were those that i could remember and she was surprised that there was more than one Nigerian tablet. I also told her about another Nigerian first : The PlirisBlaze+, a Nigerian Android phone made by Pliris Mobile.

She again asked why it was only the Inye that she had heard of on the BBC. I told her about the issue of money and the fact that competition like the iPads or the Galaxy Tabs were difficult to market against. And then there is the whole issue by Nigerians not generally patrotic when it comes to our home based products or services.

Another prominent issue that was dicussed was about Blackberry devices. Though she admits that she absolutely detests Blackberry devices, she admits that in some cases it is absolutely necessary to use one.

She gave me the case of a boss that she knows that works for the Government. The boss hates Blackberries and as such does not use one. As a result he has to come to the workplace before he can check mails and other related matters online. If he had a Blackberry device, his work would have been made more simple via the push mail service that Blackberry devices possess.

That, she says is very frustrating for his assistants who have to call him anytime he is at home so that he can check his mail anywhere he can get connected to the internet. In that case she says, it is only foolishness to let your hate of a particular technology or device hamper your productivity or creativity.

The title of this post is right on point because though non-techy in geek terms, she still knew and understood the basics of how things; tech – wise work.

At the end of the flight, i picked up some major points from her that i will list as:

  • Though technology may look like it is booming/being discovered in Nigeria, this boom however is concentrated in only a few states of the federation.
  • That technology sometimes should be used as is needed not by preference.
  • That we still have a long way to go in sensitization and information among the 150 million+ people in Nigeria.

That was all we were able to discuss during our short flight. I will continue to keep in touch with the wonderful Anna as she opened my self accliamed “Techy mind” to a lot of practical details and applications that i never thought about until now.


  1. That we still have a long way to go in
    sensitization and information among the 150 million+
    people in Nigeria.

    That, I can totally related with!

    People are ever ready to shell out good money to buy expensive gadgets because it is trendy.

    But very few actually make extensive or exhaustive use of those powerful devices, for lack of information.

    Tech_savvy folks / bloggers need to do more to disseminate relevant info and educate more.

  2. I agree with you that the ‘tech revolution’ is not widespread. I’m somewhere in an army barracks in central Nigeria where there was absolutely NO signal of all the networks in Nigeria except some stray signals from town at some particular spots where the strength hovers between 0 and 1 bar. Blackberry or iPhone was not the issue. It was difficult to communicate at all. That was until Airtel mercifully erected a mast close by in February of this year and it has literally been life changing. The Airtel EDGE is as precious as 4GLTE to me. I even take online courses online that involves downloading weekly videos (www.coursera.org)

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