A few things you should know about BlackBerry 10 and generic data plans

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While BlackBerry have designed OS 10 to function with generic data plans without the need for you to subscribe to a dedicated BlackBerry plan, you may need to understand that whether this works that way or not is dependent on your network operator.

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When the BlackBerry Z30 arrived yesterday, my intention was to put my Glo microSIM in it and use the active data plan that I have with it. Getting my SIM in the phone was no issue, but once I entered the Gloflat settings, the phone threw back an error to say that the settings could not be verified. I played around with the BlackBerry.net settings too. While the phone recognised those, the data plan didn’t work. Eventually, I called Glo customer care to explain my need. The lady who attended to me confirmed that Glo’s HSI plans would not work. I would need Glo’s BB10 data plans. Bollocks. Why should I have to do that when I have an active data plan, which would then waste should I go along with the scam.


Etisalat’s EasyBlaze has been my backup mobile internet connection for a while. I have a much smaller data plan active on my Etisalat regular SIM. How would it go with Etisalat? A call to customer care and I was told to just insert my microSIM in the Z30 and the generic internet plan would work without any configuration whatsoever. Now, that sounded like good news and like a network that had the interests of its subscribers at heart. No-one should need a diploma in physics to be able to setup a mobile internet connection on any device.

To cut a long story short, I had my regular size Etisalat SIM swapped for a microSIM. Within an hour, the swap had been effected. I inserted the microSIM in the Z30 and data came on. Emails, BBM, Facebook, Twitter and all things internet-dependent are working. This is how it should be.


I have no information about how Airtel and MTN handle generic data plans on BlackBerry 10 devices. I thought to share my experience with you. The idea is that you find out before spending your hard-earned money. Yes; and save yourself some frustrating moments too.

  1. That’s Why I have been running away from blackberry 10 OS. Still enjoy 3G on normal etisalat BIS bundle on blackberry 7 OS an dI can do mobile hotspot with it. Its not the case for Blackerry 10 OS they give you less data bundle. You can Use Airtel BIS(1G or 2G) bundle for Blackberry 10 OS.

  2. One more thing about Etisalat data on BB10, both times I had to get rid of the default APN (blackberrynetx or something like that) and replace it with just “Etisalat”. Beyond that, it works very well.

  3. All that one na big fat lies. It doesn’t matter what apn you put for Glo on the Z10, that stupid apn error will still show. You just have to keep trying to save if till it sticks.

    That’s what I’ve been doing on my end and it works

  4. Can someone confirm if the Glo BB10 data would work on other phones using the gloflat apn?

    I feels like the BB10 plan is a generic data plan with a quite higher bandwitdth than normal plans.

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